S2 Ep 9: Getting Real Tea with Joi Renee Prescott and Charlotte Robinson

Getting The Real Tea
10 min readAug 1, 2022

The cameras descend onto the ‘Getting Real Tea’ studio, as Kasey walks down the steps; the audience cheers for her

As she moves to go sit, Kasey waves to the live audience before sitting down on the chair

Kasey: *smiles* Hey, dolls, and welcome back to another Getting Real Tea episode! How are you doin’?

The live audience respond back ‘How are you doin’

The cameras show a montage of the live audience cheering before the camera cuts back to Kasey

Kasey: We have a lot to talk about today because there have been so many announcements in the RP community about new shows that are coming soon! First and foremost, we have The New Twitter, which follows seven young rising stars as they live life to the fullest and attempt to leave their mark on Twitter society! The Season 1 cast is as follows: Nicole Staub, Ember Martin, Nadia Beckett, Athena Cunningham, Iyana Vanrothschild, Kendall Porter, and Bibba Mazoni are among the cast members.

The cast photo for Season 1 of The New Twitter is shown on screen

Left to Right: Bibba Mazoni, Ember Martin, Kendall Porter, Nicole Staub, Iyana Vanrothschild, Athena Cunningham and Nadia Beckett

Kasey: This group of girls absolutely nailed it in their first season cast photo, looking incredibly amazing and gorgeous!! A super-teaser has been posted, which you can view on their Twitter account, @TheNewTwt! It’s really good, and you can expect a lot of drama between the women! I’m looking forward to watching all of the drama play out on The New Twitter’s debut season. Stay tuned for a premiere date of The New Twitter!

The live audience cheer loudly

Kasey: Moving on to another of my favourite shows, Married to Medicine: Twitter! *suspense music plays in the background* Last week, they made three announcements about their show, Married to Medicine: Twitter, but they also announced two new shows. From the producers of M2MTwitter: they will be producing Married to Medicine Ultimate Getaway, in which the OG’s of Married to Medicine: Twitter ladies will travel on an Ultimate Gateway for a week of connecting, fun, and… drama! Drs. Angela Syed will host this gateway trip, which will be accompanied by Pat Chahoy-Landry, Jocelyn Robinson, Petra McClaire, Dominique Samuels, Tanya Love, Makayla Roberts, and Frankie Neal. It will be released this fall!

The logo and cast for Season 1 of Married to Medicine: Ultimate Getaway is shown on screen

The logo of Roleplay Rivals: Ultimate Getaway is show on screen

Kasey: Following the first season of Married to Medicine: Ultimate Getaway, another new show called Roleplay Rivals: Ultimate Getaway will premiere. This show will be shooting in the fall and will feature your favorite role play rivals from “Connecticut Wives, The Real Housewives of Beverly Beach, Married to Medicine: Twitter, Ladies of Twitter, The Real Housewives of Windsor, and many more.” To reach the final episode of the journey, the rivals will need to work together. This is a challenging season! Connections will be made, and new rivalries may emerge! Follow @UltimateTripRP on Twitter for additional details such as the cast.

The logo of Married to Medicine: Twitter is shown on screen

Kasey: In other news, Married to Medicine: Twitter has been RENEWED for Season 7! They announced that, as of yet, 2 cast members will be back for Season 7, and these are *suspense music plays in the background* Hope Richardson and Scarlett Breckenridge. Though there haven’t been any final casting decisions yet, stay tuned for more news to come and who the rest of the cast will be for next season! Keep an eye out for Season 7 this winter. *winks at camera*

On the left is Hope Richardson whilst on the right is Scarlett Breckenridge

Kasey: In addition, the OG of Married to Medicine: Twitter Patricia Chahoy-Landry announced on Twitter last Friday that she has decided to leave Married to Medicine: Twitter after six seasons and 97 episodes. Though this is sad news, don’t worry because we still have the rest of Season 6 of Married to Medicine: Twitter still to unfold and will see her on Married to Medicine: Ultimate Gateway Season 1. From here, I’d want to wish Patricia the best of luck in her future endeavours.

Patricia Chahoy — Landry’s departure message from Twitter is shown on screen

Kasey: Don’t go anywhere! Next up, we’ve got Joi Renee Prescott and Charlotte Robinson from Baller Wives Twitter, which is going to be airing on the Andy Network this August. They are here to discuss all things about the Andy Network new show Baller Wives Twitter.

After the brief commercial break, the camera zooms out of the studio and then back in

The camera then returns to the studio, where Kasey is sitting on her chair

Kasey: And we’re back, dolls! *smiles* Please give a warm welcome from Twitter to Joi Renee Prescott and Charlotte Robinson from the Andy Network new show ‘Baller Wives Twitter’.

The camera and spotlight focus on two women walking down the stairs, who are shown to be Joi Renee Prescott and Charlotte Robinson

The live audience applauds and cheers as Joi Renee Prescott and Charlotte Robinson approach Kasey

Left: Kasey Mitchell (Host), Middle: Joi Renee Prescott (Guest), Right: Charlotte Robinson (Guest)

Joi: *hugs Kasey* Muah, Muah!

Charlotte: *Hugs Kasey* Bitch you look amazing!! *sits down smiling and waving*

Kasey: *shuffles in seat* It’s great to finally meet you ladies! How are things going for you today?

Charlotte: I’m doing so well. I’m just happy to be here!

Joi: I am happy to be here in my hot pink!

Kasey: That’s fantastic, ladies! So, Joi and Charlotte, what led you to join the Baller Wives Twitter show in the first place?

Joi: You know, one of the girls suggested me, and I then spoke with the producers about doing the show. I was hesitant to join because there is a level of transparency required when filming a reality television show, but after discussing with my fiancé and evaluating the benefits to my business, I was ready to be mic’d!

Charlotte: Well, I think for me, seeing so many sports wives get together and show that deranged sisterhood was so intriguing to me. And I am THE face and ambassador for the basketball and sports association, so why shouldn’t I?

Kasey: *nods in agreement* Yep, that’s right! Charlotte and Joi, you both have flourishing businesses in Twitter. What, in your opinion, is the key to having thriving enterprises as black women in the industry in 2022?

Charlotte: You have to know this stuff. You can’t depend on husbands or boyfriends — you have to want it for yourself. *shrugs shoulders *

Joi: I think the key to having a thriving business as a black woman is to stand firm in what you do. There are people, but just white counterparts, but especially men, who tend to undermine your work ethic, but I’m happy I have a team of boss ass black women at my brokerage who don’t take flack from these people.

Kasey: I completely agree with both of you. *smiles* Tre from Family Hustle wants to know, ladies, what was your experience filming the first season and how does this show differ from other shows?

Charlotte: Oouu I love that show! *slightly waves and smiles* my experience was great! I mean of course you’re going to have buffoons trying to attack me but it fell flat. And this show has soooo many layers and complex relationships. It’s so interesting seeing the dynamics change. It’s good!!

Joi: It was a bit, you know, unique. I wasn’t expecting the things that happened, but I think this show truly zones in more on the business aspect of our lives and showcases true relationships that are prone to many different things in the sports world.

Kasey: This sounds interesting. So, who are you closest to and who do you dislike the most?

Charlotte: Joi and I are very close! Brittany is also a close friend of mine.

Joi: Ouu, Kasey wants to start some drama, but I have no problem. I’m the closest to Serenity, and I dislike Calista’s ass

Charlotte: Now as far as the bitches I don’t like… *chuckles* Calista and serenity! And that bitch is here because of me. Can you believe it?

The audience oohs and ahhs

Joi: Kasey, I’m learning something new. I thought Charlotte and Serenity were good!

Charlotte: You remember she tried to turn on me at the — oh girl let me hush. I’ll tell you about it.

Joi: Tune in audience! *laughs*

Charlotte: Just know that some girls will do ANYTHING for some camera time.

Kasey cover mouth with cue cards as the audience oohs and ahhs

Kasey: So, ladies, were there any moments of hesitation during filming Baller Wives Twitter because it was your first time taping a reality show, or were you used to cameras following your every move?

Joi: There weren’t moments of hesitation in regards to showcasing my life, but there were moments of hesitation while filming with the ladies on what would transpire.

Charlotte: Well, I’ve kind of been in the spotlight for over 20 years. I went viral for beating up a player with my purse. *chuckles* it was a little different, but I was definitely ready for it!

Joi: Don’t get Charlotte started on that purse, honey.

Charlotte: *starts laughing* my secret weapon.

Kasey: Oh *makes face* I see. Charlotte, was your husband supportive of you doing the show?

Charlotte: He was! He thought it would be a good way to expand our business and brand. He was a little nervous, but he eventually got over it.

Kasey: That’s great. It’s important to have family on board when taking part in a reality show. *looks at Joi and Charlotte* What do you wish you got to show more of during the season that maybe you didn’t get the chance to show that much?

Joi: I definitely wish I got to show more of my relationship with my man! He’s always back and forth and misses the camera, but I hope if I’m back next season, he’ll be there by my side because these girls like to try it! *laughs*

Charlotte: Uhm I truly wish I got to show more of my friendship dynamics.

Kasey: Well, let’s hope you are back for season 2 then, ladies. *smiles and flips hair*. Are there any scenes you’re apprehensive about that will be shown throughout the season?

Charlotte: There are a few occasions when some of the ladies make very harsh remarks about me.

Joi: *looks at Charlotte* The intervention.

Charlotte: Yes, the intervention. *points at Charlotte*

Kasey: *covers mouth with cue cards* oh my goodness…

Charlotte: It was bad…

The audience ooohs and ahhs

Kasey: *reads from cue cards* So, what can we expect from you ladies this season on Baller Wives Twitter?

Charlotte: You can expect a whole lot of black girl excellence, a little drama, and a lot of entertainment from me!

Joi: You can expect to see big booty Joi work it and be seen! *laughs* It’s definitely a good one.

Kasey: Interesting, I’m looking forward to tuning in! *reads question from cue cards* What three words would you use to sum up the first season of Baller Wives Twitter?

Joi: Spicy, fun, and-let’s see. Fashionable!

Charlotte: Entertaining, funny, and over the top!

Kasey: That’s an interesting choice of words. *glances at Joi and Charlotte* Is there anything you’d like to share with us as we near the end of the episode?

Joi: Tune in and watch what some of the ladies do for an extra dollar!

Charlotte: Yes! Just make sure you tune in. If you need some entertainment, it’s there!

Kasey: Thank you, Joi and Charlotte, for joining us today! You can catch Joi, Charlotte, and the other ladies on Baller Wives’ Twitter on August 4th for the Season 1 Premiere! *smiles and waves to the camera* See you guys on the next one.

Joi, Charlotte and Kasey take a selfie as the camera zooms out of the studio to memorialize the moment

Catch Baller Wives Twitter Season 1 Premiere on the Andy Network on Thursday 4th August at 8/7C! It’s an unmissable season premiere y’all should tune in to!

Also, don’t forget to tune in to Grace Faroe’s spinoff ‘Faroe Rules’ on The Sagittarius Network on August 2nd for the Season 1 Premiere at 11pm BST tomorrow!



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