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Getting The Real Tea
10 min readJul 25, 2022

The cameras descend onto the ‘Getting Real Tea’ studio, as Kasey walks down the steps; the audience cheers for her

As she moves to go sit, Kasey waves to the live audience before sitting down on the chair

Kasey: Happy Monday, dolls! *smiles at the camera* And welcome to another episode of Getting Real Tea! How you doin’?

The cameras show a montage of the live audience cheering before the camera cuts back to Kasey

Kasey: Another fresh new week has begun, and we’re here to talk about it all today! We also have a guest today who will be joining us shortly in the latter part of the show to cover all that has been going on… Let’s get this started, shall we?

The live audience cheers with excitement

Kasey: After much anticipation and waiting, the Andy Network has officially unveiled the cast of Baller Wives Twitter season 1! And let me begin by stating that all of these WOMEN look incredibly amazing and exquisite in their outfits chosen for the individual cast shots. Calista Banks, Joi Renee Prescott, Cassie Carlisle, Charlotte Robinson, Blair Hamilton, Brittany Slay, and Serenity Wilson are the Baller Wives Twitter cast members of Season 1. The Andy Network has yet to define and disclose the capacity that the ladies on the show will occupy.

The ladies individual photos are shown one by one as Kasey says their name

Calista Banks (Top Left) & Joi Renee Prescott (Top Right)
Cassie Carlisle (Top Left) & Charlotte Robinson (Top Right)
Blair Hamilton (Top Left) & Brittany Slay (Top Right)
Serenity Wilson

Kasey: Furthermore, the Andy Network revealed the Baller Wives’ Twitter Season 1 cast photo! These ladies came out and slayed dolls *snaps fingers* Furthermore, these ladies will undoubtedly delight us with their first season, since according to the information provided by the Andy Network on each of the women, they are all successful, but each woman has something going on throughout their lives that might have been captured on camera during taping. Keep an eye for more surprises and sneak peaks during the next two weeks! Don’t forget to watch the Season 1 debut episode on the Andy network on August 4th at 8/7C, and be sure to follow all of the women on Twitter for behind-the-scenes moments!

The screen shows the Baller Wives Twitter Season 1 cast photo

Joi Renee Prescott, Calista Banks, Charlotte Robinson, Blair Hamilton, Serenity Wilson (Left to right at the top) Cassie Carlisle & Brittany Slay (Left to right at the bottom)

Kasey: The ladies of Real Housewives of Windsor have amped up the heat this season… and last Saturday’s episode was a game-changing episode that left me, and most likely you *points to the audience*, in shock and disbelief after all the drama that unfolded in episode 5.

The screen shows the Real Housewives of Windsor Season 4 cast

The live audience Ooohs

Kasey: In recent episodes, Darcy Windemere and newcomer Sadie Stone have mostly been throwing jabs and shading one another. However, the trip to Sandbanks on day 2 takes a turn for the worst when Darcy pushes Sadie on the ground, but Sadie swings a golf club, which then hits Darcy in the face, causing her cheek to bleed. Here, then, production had to get involved in order to separate the ladies.

Kasey: Remember that in previous episodes, Sadie made some comments about Darcy’s marriage to Xavier. We could feel the tension between Sadie and Darcy increasing as viewers because, unfortunately, from my perspective, it was the accumulation of emotions and comments that had been going on and stated in previous episodes that led to this awful event. Violence is never the answer and should never be used in any situation! Personally, I think that as humans, we sometimes don’t think in the moment, and then things like this happen. Darcy did, after all, leap towards Sadie in the club in episode 4. As a result, both ladies must be held accountable for their behaviour. Don’t go anywhere! Next up, we’ve got Darcy Windemere from The Real Housewives of Windsor coming up to discuss all that’s been going on in these latest episodes after this short commercial break.

After the brief commercial break, the camera zooms out of the studio and then back in.

The camera then returns to the studio, where Kasey is sitting on her chair

Kasey: And we’re back, dolls! *smiles* Please give a warm welcome to Windsor reality star and housewife Darcy Windemere from The Real Housewives of Windsor.

The camera and spotlight focus on a brunette woman walking down the stairs, who is shown to be revealed as Darcy Windemere

The live audience applauds Darcy Windemere as she approaches Kasey

Left: Kasey Mitchell (Host) & Right: Darcy Windemere (Guest)

Darcy: *walks into the studio, smiling and waving at the audience* Hi, Kasey! *hugs and sits down*

Kasey: Darcy, it’s a pleasure to meet you! How are you today? *smiles and sits down*

Darcy: *smiles* I’m doing good, thank you. You look great!

Kasey: That’s fantastic! Thank you very much, sweetie! So, it’s your third season on The Real Housewives of Windsor Darcy, and a lot has changed. How would you sum up your experience from the first season to the present?

Darcy: *sighs* Wow, um… it’s definitely different. I got close to certain people and now… things are very different. I’m closer to people I didn’t think I would be and I’ve grown apart from others.

Kasey: Gotcha… Last season, Coco Trueman left the show, and this season, we have two new housewives, Sadie and Tanesha, who arrived in Season 4. Did you know who the ladies were before meeting them? And how did you feel when you first met them while filming?

Darcy: *pauses for a second* I didn’t know TayTay. Sadie, however, I had heard of… for all the wrong reasons. When I met her, she was everything I’d ever heard she was. As for TayTay, she’s fun, I guess. *shrugs shoulders*

The live audience oohs and ahhhs.

Kasey: Okay! To begin with, you and Sadie did not get along. We witnessed in prior episodes how she used to throw jabs at you. Do you think she acted that way to have more camera time and attention, or do you think she had a hidden agenda when she appeared on The Real Housewives of Windsor?

Darcy: I think both. She’s a thirsty turtle. Her acting career is as parched as the Nile during the Great Drought. She definitely had an agenda to spread and create lies about me and my other co-stars. She hits below the belt.

Kasey: Yes, I did notice that. The Sand Banks trip you ladies took this year took an unexpected turn when you and Sadie got into two fights. One occurred while you were at a club, and the other occurred while you were playing golf. Do you think these occurrences happened because you were going back and forth and your emotions were heightened during the filming of Season 4, Darcy?

Darcy: I was sick of her, to be honest. She kept pushing and pushing, and eventually, I snapped. However, for her to physically assault me was unacceptable and shows just how unhinged the bitch really is.

Kasey: To be fair, both of you must ultimately accept responsibility for your decisions. You indicated in one of your confessionals in episode 5 that if Sadie is on the show, you will refuse to film for The Real Housewives of Windsor. Darcy, are you hinting that you’ll be leaving the program based on what you stated in your confessional?

Darcy: *sighs* That’s a difficult one. I’m planning on making an announcement in a few days’ time to set the record straight on that one. *crosses legs*

Kasey: Darcy, I see! Keep a watch out for Darcy’s announcement in the coming days, ladies and gentlemen… You disclosed to Dixie in front of the camera at the end of episode 5 that your husband, Xavier, had affairs with other women at the time. However, when Sadie brought it up, you elected not to tell the ladies anything. Was there a specific cause for this? Perhaps you didn’t want to discuss the issue on national television so that the public wouldn’t comment on your marital status?

Darcy: *nods* I’m a very private person, Kasey. I don’t like to discuss big issues like that, and if I was going to, I’d do it in my own time. For Sadie to reveal that to everyone, it was the ultimate betrayal, and I definitely felt blindsided.

Kasey: So, with Sadie relaying the news to the other ladies, it was the final straw… the final nudge. When did the two altercations at Sandbanks occurred. On Saturday’s episode, Sadie organized a breast cancer charity event. However, only Elizabeth, Tanesha, Chardonnay, Annie, and Arabella attended the occasion. Why didn’t you attend the charity event to support the cause and, for one night, let bygones be for the same reason you didn’t attend the breast cancer charity event? n retrospect, what is your opinion of the situation? Would you have gone if you hadn’t been invited?

Darcy: I’m not going to support a woman who’s out to destroy me. That would make me a fake person, and I’m not a fake person. Sadie Stone has done nothing to earn my respect or support.

Kasey: Darcy, I see what you’re saying! In Episode 6, you confessed to your ex-husband, Xavier, that you had divorced him. What have you been up to since then? Do you believe you’ll gradually reintroduce yourself to the dating scene?

Darcy: *sighs* Well, the divorce has only recently been finalized, so things are still pretty raw. I’m doing okay, but I’m trying to keep busy with all of my ventures and whatnot. As for dating, I’m too busy. I want to take time to focus on myself. For once, I chose me. *smiles*

Kasey: Yes, sometimes you just have to concentrate on yourself! That must be a top priority in life. What does it mean for you, Darcy, to have the support of your friends and, most importantly, your father through what appears to be a challenging season for you on The Real Housewives of Windsor? How have they been there for you?

Darcy:*sighs* I greatly appreciate the support I’ve received. My father has been the biggest surprise of all, to be honest. We’ve really developed our relationship, and he’s stepped up to be there for me. Ciara has devoted a lot of time to making sure I’m okay and, surprisingly, so is my stepson Alex too. He’s determined not to let the divorce ruin the relationship we’ve built. I’ve seen him grow into this amazing young man. And my friends, Dixie, Hattie, and Coco, have been the most supportive friends I could ask for.

Kasey: That’s fantastic news, Darcy! When we are in difficult situations, we need the support of our friends and family the most. Darcy Is there anything in the six episodes that you particularly regret filming or would have addressed the situation differently on The Real Housewives of Windsor this season?

Darcy: I wish I hadn’t reacted as much. I let some of these women get me to a place that I don’t like to be, and that’s not who I am.

Kasey: We are all human, and we make mistakes. What is important is that we learn from these occurrences. Do you regret doing reality TV, Darcy?

Darcy: *sighs* No, I don’t. It’s given me the opportunity to make some great friends, and for that I’m grateful.

Kasey: Darcy, just keep being yourself and living your truth! Is there anything more you’d like to say to the audience before we wrap up?

Darcy: *smiles* I’d like to thank people for their support. Even when I didn’t deserve it, they were there for me.

Kasey: *blushes* That’s very sweet, Darcy! Darcy, thank you so much for joining me today and being on the show. It has been a pleasure having you here. Every Saturday at 7 p.m. BST, new episodes of The Real Housewives of Windsor air! *smiles and waves to the camera* See you guys on the next one.

Darcy and Kasey take a selfie as the camera zooms out of the studio to memorialize the moment



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