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Getting The Real Tea
10 min readJul 18, 2022

The cameras descend onto the ‘Getting Real Tea’ studio, as Kasey walks down the steps; the audience cheers for her

As she moves to go sit, Kasey waves to the live audience before sitting down on the chair

Kasey: *smiles* Hello dolls, and welcome to another episode of Getting Real Tea! How you doin’?

The cameras show a montage of the live audience cheering before the camera cuts back to Kasey

Kasey: It’s been another busy week for us with new episodes being released, and we’re back to discuss all the tea! We’ve got a special guest today with us that I’m sure you all will be very excited to see. Let’s get started, shall we? The ladies in Chelsea have been given US such a drama filled season with so many twists and shocking moments.

The cast photo for season 2 is shown on screen

Left to Right: Lady Katherine Baker, Priya Carrington, Tracy Granger, Countess Sian, Sue Morell, Sharon Carmichael and Lady Helena

Kasey: Last Sunday’s episode of Society Wives was fantastic, hun. In their second season, these girls are certainly bringing the drama. There’s a lot going on here, but the main focus is on Tracy’s husband, Edward, and his alleged wrongdoings. This episode, in my opinion, had a touching moment when Lady Katherine and Priya got together to convince Lady Helena and newbie Sharon to apologize for throwing digs at each other, which had been going on for a few episodes. It was a lovely moment in the episode to see both Sharon and Lady Helena face their issues. I am convinced that their problem arose because both ladies talked over each other, resulting in a miscommunication.

Kasey: Another touching moment in this episode was Lady Katherine, her husband Lord Robert, and their son Charles attending a family therapy session together. I am relieved that Lady Katherine has finally taken this important move for her son Charles in order for him to recognize that he relies far too much on his Lady Katherine and Lord Robert because he lives such a privileged life. I am optimistic that this matter will slowly be resolved.

Kasey: Now, the episode 7 ending was something else… *pauses* things between Countess Sian and Tracy on the bus ride definitely went from 1 to 100 in a heartbeat. Let me state firmly that Tracy SHOULD NOT have touched or pushed Countess Sian. That is, in my opinion, inappropriate behaviour. *shrugs shoulders* The tension between Tracy and Countess Sian, on the other hand, has been building since the end of season 1 and the start of season 2. But, if I may say so, things got a little out of hand… this has been an exciting and excellent show, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the season has in store for us! Catch brand new episodes of Society every Thursday and Sunday at 11pm British time.

The live audience cheers in excitement

Kasey: Don’t go anywhere! Andy Cohen from the Andy Network is our next guest today. We’ll see you in a few minutes after this brief commercial break.

After the brief commercial break, the camera zooms out of the studio and then back in.

The camera then returns to the studio, where Kasey is sitting on her chair

Kasey: And we’re back, dolls! *smiles* Please give a warm welcome from Twitter to Mr. Andy Cohen of the Andy Network.

The camera and spotlight focus on a man walking down the stairs, who is shown to be Andy Cohen

The live audience applauds Andy Cohen as he approaches Kasey

Left: Kasey Mitchell (Host) & Right: Andy Cohen (Guest)

Andy: *walks onto the set* Hey everyone! Kasey! *hugs*

Kasey: Hello, Andy! *receives hug* It’s a joy to have you here today! *smiles and flips hair*How are you doing?

Andy: It’s good to be here! I’m amazing and very busy!

Kasey: That’s fantastic! I know you’re preoccupied with all of the fantastic shows on your network.

Andy: Yes, there are a lot!

Kasey: *nods* True, let’s get started, shall we! Connecticut Wives has been such a good show since it premiered in its first season. Season 3 wrapped up a few months ago. What can you tease us about the upcoming season 4 of Connecticut Wives, Andy? Is there any tea that you can spill today for us?

Andy: Umm… CTWives Season 4 is in full effect. No crazy cast changes are going to be thrown on the fans, all of your favorites are back. I can also tell you that the women got back from their first cast trip yesterday. I heard they made quite a splash!

The live audience Ooohs and ahhs

Kasey: Hmm… interesting, I cannot wait to see what’s in store in season 4 of CTWives! *reads from cue cards* Julie from Twitter wants to know: who is your favourite Connecticut Wife from the previous three seasons of CTWives? And why?

Andy: Oh my god, that’s like picking my favorite child! I will say, and I love all of them, but the journeys that Linda and Irina have been on during the show’s run have been just extraordinary. I love them all dearly, but those two have been through a lot

Kasey: *side eyes Andy* Interesting choices from the women you’ve selected! *reads from cue cards* You currently have five successful shows on your network. Do you see yourself making more shows for the Andy Network in the near future?

Andy: I do see in the future that we may add shows to the network, but I don’t see us having more than five shows at a time.

Kasey: Yes, Andy, I agree with you! With so many shows, it can get a little stressful, and it takes time to film and edit. *reads from cue cards* Tre Spicé-Slovain of Family Hustle wondered, “How do you feel about the success of The Andy Network, Andy?” Did he expect it to be that popular in the role-playing community, and possibly beyond?

Andy: No I didn’t! I never expected my network would get so much attention and be so successful. But I love how we’ve been able to become a staple in the RP community and how supportive everyone is of our shows!

Kasey: That’s just right, Andy. *smiles* It’s been a fantastic and exciting experience for me since I took over as host of Getting Real Tea from Amy Lopez. I never expected to be this influential and to receive so much love and support from the audience since I first started.

Andy: Yes! You’re a great host!

Kasey: Thank you very much, Andy! Thank you for the compliment! *consults cue cards* Christina J. Phillips of Family Hustle wants to know what you think of the network’s forthcoming seasons of series. When can we expect a new Baller Wives commercial?

Andy: The promo for Baller Wives is coming very soon and will premiere at the beginning of August! As for other shows, as I said, CTWives is filming now, and Family Hustle is airing the first part of season two!

The live audience cheer

Kasey: I’m so excited about Baller Wives Twitter! I’m really looking forward to another new Twitter show. Since we’re on the subject, you recently launched a new show on your network called “Baller Wives,” with a fantastic cast. What can you reveal about this next show on our screens, Andy? How does this show vary from the shows you now have on your network and those available on Twitter?

Baller Wives Twitter cast is shown on the screen

Calista Banks (Top Left), Cassie Carlisle (Middle Left ) , Joi Prescott(Top Right), Brittany Slay (Bottom Left), Blair Hamilton (Middle left) , Serenity Wilson(Bottom middle Right) , and Charlotte Robinson (Bottom Right)

Andy: It’s fantastic. It’s something you’ve never seen before. All of the women I believe are in relationships with people in the athletic world, but they’re also the most successful businesswomen in Twitter. They’re running the corporate world while their husbands play sports. *laughs*

Kasey: This sounds pretty fascinating! I’ll definitely be watching Baller Wives when it premieres in August, like you mentioned! Have you watched the first Baller Wives episode? If you’ve seen it, what can you tease about the episode?

Andy: I have seen the first episode and you’re all going to fall in love with the ladies! It’s more of a business-driven show; the women aren’t fighting over petty things; there are deep issues that financially affect them. They’re also LOADED!

Kasey: Oh. My. God. *makes face* Even simply teasing us with this makes me want to tune in to Baller Wives Twitter! I adore all of your shows on your network. One of them is Family Hustle, which is a fantastic family entertainment!

Andy: Yes! Love the excitement! And Family Hustle has been so good so far, hasn’t it?

Kasey: It most definitely has! You have such an amazing cast on the show! *winks* One of the new series on the Andy Network is Family Hustle. What has been your most memorable experience while working on this project?

Andy: A memorable moment has been watching and chatting with this cast behind the scenes. They are the funniest bunch I know! I’m hollering every time they’re all together. And I love how even with all the drama that ensues among all of them, there’s still respect and brotherhood/sisterhood.

The audience is in awe

Kasey: That’s how I felt when binge-watching the first season of Family Hustle. It demonstrates that they are a close-knit family who will go to any length to resolve a matter.

Andy: Exactly, and that’s not a common theme with all the RP shows. That’s why Family Hustle is unique.

Kasey: True, they continue to put on the drama… and it’s interesting to watch! What can you tease us with in the first episode of Family Hustle’s second season?

Andy: They do still bring the drama! And you’ll be seeing a lot more of Courtney’s split from her husband. You’ll see some leftover drama from last year return, and the cast navigates their way through that. So much content in six episodes!

The audience Ooohs and ahhhs

Kasey: *snaps fingers* I’m ready, dolls! I can’t wait to see more of this season’s action on the show. *reads cue cards* Arabella from The Real Housewives of Windsor asks, “Who would you call to dinner if you could invite five RP wives?”

Andy: Ooooh, that’s a good question! Hmm… I think I’d take out Arabella because she seems like a hoot. I’d take Tre and Billie from LoT! I think I’d take Lorelei because I want to know more about her! And I’d take out Scarlett from Married to Medicine!

Kasey: Ooooh, now that’s interesting! *side eyes Andy* Now, Married to Medicine: Twitter asked if you could choose 7 RP girls from all shows to go on a trip together. Who would you choose?

Andy: Instead of 7, I would love to do a frenemies spin-off and take Pat & Frankie from M2M, Alexis & Linda from CTWives, Sheridan & Lorelei from Beverly Beach, and Kathy & Grace from Ladies of Twitter. I know this is a long shot since not everyone gets along, but I think it would be the most interesting spin-off ever!

Kasey: Now, that be really interesting concept! What are your thoughts, Andy, on the Arizona trip, which rapidly turned sour as they were filming and an incident occurred?

Andy: It was a train wreck! I was disappointed in Hope though. Attacking the crew is not even an option when you’re on a reality show. You have to put in your head that they’re invisible.

Kasey: Andy, I completely agree! No one should attack anyone, and the crew should never be treated that way. That incident truly astounded me… *pauses* That is unacceptable, especially when you are on a reality show. What do you think about the new additions to the cast of The Real Housewives of Windsor? Do you think Sadie and Tanesha are acting for the cameras or are they just trying to earn more screen time?

Andy: They’re coming in hot for sure! I’m really enjoying this new season of Windsor! I miss Coco, though!

Kasey: That’s correct, Andy! This season, I, too, am missing Coco; in my opinion, she would put both in their places *shrugs*. What are your thoughts on the end of Dixie and Arabella’s friendship? which, I believe, was the outcome of Arabella’s loose lip.

Andy: It’s sad because they used to be so close! I loved how fun and light their friendship was!

Kasey: Yeah, Andy, I completely agree with you! However, based on what has been portrayed in the episodes and on Twitter recently, it appears like their bond may be strained.

Andy: *nods*

Kasey: That concludes our show for today, dolls! Thank you for joining us today, Andy. It was a pleasure to have you.

Andy: Thank you for having me!

Kasey: Always! *smiles* See you all on the next episode!

Andy and Kasey take a selfie as the camera zooms out of the studio to memorialize the moment.



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