S2 Ep 6: Getting Real Tea with Frankie Neal and Courtney Porter Graham

Getting The Real Tea
12 min readJul 11, 2022

The cameras descend onto the ‘Getting Real Tea’ studio, as Kasey walks down the steps; the audience cheers for her

As she moves to go sit, Kasey waves to the live audience before sitting down on the chair

Kasey: *smiles* Hello dolls, and welcome to another episode of Getting Real Tea! How you doin’?

The cameras show a montage of the live audience cheering before the camera cuts back to Kasey

Kasey: Another week has gone by, and we’re back to discuss all the tea! We’ve got 2 guests today with us that I’m sure you all will be very excited to see. Let’s get started, shall we? So, there have been a lot of shows that have released new episodes this week. We can say that we weren’t short on any drama as all of our favourite shows were packed with so much!

Kasey: This week, on episode 8 of Married to Medicine: Twitter, things escalated and took a turn for the worse as the ladies were on their cast trip to Arizona. I know that, as viewers, we absolutely enjoy and thrive on drama because that is why we watch reality TV. However, when I watched the latest episode of Married 2 Medicine: Twitter I personally think that the camera crew should NOT in any way have been treated in that manner by Hope. I’m not going to lie: I was *makes face* shocked when I saw what had happened went down. However, from the synopsis of the next episode, it seems as if Hope and her husband, Dr James, shall be sitting with production and discuss the incident that occurred.

The synopsis of the next episode of M2MTwitter are shown on screen

Kasey: You will just have to tune in and see how this will play out on the show! Though I’d like to say that before this incident took place, there was SO much drama brewing between the ladies this season. In my opinion, this was the accumulation of drama that the ladies had been having prior to their trip, which resulted in this incident having occurred. And you can bet the ladies will be discussing this and the rest of what’s to come on Married to Married: Twitter Season 6 during the upcoming reunion! For more info and updates about Married to Medicine: Twitter, follow them on Twitter. Catch brand new episodes of Married to Medicine: Twitter every Monday and Thursday at 8pm EST!

Kasey: Onto another favourite RP show of mine, The Real Housewives of Windsor! The ladies are back with their fourth season and let me just tell you that we’ve got drama right off the bat in the season premiere episode. At the moment, there are 3 episodes out, BUT the ladies are surely entertaining us with yet another fantastic season! *winks*

The Real Housewives of Windsor Season 4 cast photo is shown on screen

Left to Right: Sadie Stone, Chardonnay Plumber, Lady Hattie Montgomery, Dixie Sutherland, Arabella Walsh, Elizabeth Banks, Tanesha Love, Darcy Windemere and Monica Drayfus

Kasey: This is the largest number of housewives that any role-play show has ever had, amounting to a total of NINE wives! We’ve got Arabella Walsh, Dixie Sutherland, Darcy Windemere, Monica Drayfus, Lady Hattie Montgomery, Chardonnay Plumber, and Elizabeth Banks are all back from last season! Though, this season we have got 2 newbies joining the group, who are Sadie Stone and Tanesha Love. And finally, we also have Nadira Razdan, who returned as a “FOH” once again for Season 4!

The individual photo of Nadira Razdan is then showed on screen

Nadira Razdan

Kasey: This season has just started to air and, from the looks of what we have seen so far, it looks like the new housewives, Sadie Stone and Tanesha Love, are the ones bringing on the drama this season! It may seem as though some of the wives think that the new additions to the show are doing too much for the cameras. I mean… *pauses* throughout the season 4 premiere episode, I did notice that both Sadie and Tanesha began working immediately for their check and didn’t get a chance to slowly start getting to know the other ladies.

The live audience oohs

Kasey: Even though they started to work for their spot on the show from day 1, when the cameras went up, they sure were good for reality TV, hun! I’m enjoying the season so far, and the newbies plus the OGs of the Real Housewives of Windsor shall bring us another fantastic and dramatic season as they did in the past 3 seasons! Catch brand new episodes of the Real Housewives of Windsor every Saturday at 7pm BST. Don’t go anywhere! Next up, we’ve got Frankie Neal and Courtney Porter Graham from the hit reality show Family Hustle coming up.

The camera zooms out of the studio for a few minutes

After, the camera focuses back on the studio where Kasey is sitting on her chair

Kasey: And we are back, dolls! *smiles* Please give a warm welcome all the way from Twitter and Family Hustle’s stars Frankie Neal and Courtney Porter Graham.

The camera and spotlight descend on two women, coming down the steps to be revealed as Frankie Neal and Courtney Porter Graham

The live audience cheers for Frankie and Courtney as they walk up to Kasey

Kasey Mitchell (Host on the left) & Courtney Porter Graham ( Guest in the middle) & Frankie Neal (Guest on the right)

Courtney: *smiling and waving* Hello Hello! Now you look good, girl!

Frankie: *smiling and waving at the crowd* Hey Kasey! *hugs* how are you?

Kasey: Hi, Courtney and Frankie! Welcome… I’m fine, thank you! How about you, ladies?

Courtney: I’m doing just fine, honey! *sits*

Frankie: I’m doing good. Happy to be here *sits besides Courtney*

Kasey: That’s great to hear, Courtney and Frankie! *smiles* So, Courtney and Frankie, how does it feel that you ladies are back to doing reality TV? Does being on your own show make it different or just the same?

Courtney: Well, for me, it’s the same. Frankie and I were close on the other show, and we are still close. So it’s like just venturing off to something bigger and better with my sister.

Frankie: It feels surreal. I didn’t think I would do another ensemble cast, but being honest, I felt like I was done doing reality TV. But doing on a show where we are showcasing our backyard in a different light is a bit rough.

Kasey: Yeah, I think when you’re doing reality TV with your family, it can be quite fun. Despite the fact that you can have your moments to *looks at Courtney and Frankie*

Courtney: Of course, you’ll actually see a moment where I have to cuss this bitch out *points my thumb backwards at Frankie and laughs* but that’s how family is. You confront each other and move on.

Frankie: Cuss me out and keep it moving, but not everyone is like that.

Kasey: Yep, that’s true. I mean, at the end of the day, we are all different people and react to situations in our own ways.

Frankie: I will say it’s different when you get cussed out by someone you care about versus the next one.

Courtney: That is true. Everyone can’t cuss me out now, chile. *chuckles*

Frankie: And that’s why she’s my homegirl with the bonet and wings in bed. But Kasey, Courtney has grown so much and I like how she’s becoming more comfortable with being on TV and finally finding her footing and her support group. *smiles*

Courtney: Thank you sister.

Kasey: *nods in agreement* So, Frankie, in the premiere episode, Ryan surprised you and Tre with a trip to Japan. Let me say that this is one of the moments I enjoyed. How did you feel about the trip in general? Were you a bit hesitant at first?

Frankie: Um, coming off the Jamaica trip, ehhhhh I wasn’t too excited, but I thought it was nice that Ryan wanted to mend things between me, Tre, and himself, but I guess some things never change. I’m always hesitant but I move with faith and optimism, but whew, this Spicè family is something else.

Kasey: Oh yes they are, Frankie *smiles and tucks a piece of hair behind her ear* But, I’ve got to say that is one of my favourite moments in the season premiere of Family Hustle, Frankie.

Frankie: Y’all didn’t even see half of it. We did a lot, and it was really cool to see Ueno Park to go see the Cherry Blossom Festival. Ryan is half Japanese, so it was definitely great to see him touch the surface of his culture and take it in with Trecina and Ryan. I really want to go again.

Courtney: That would be a beautiful place for like a honeymoon or something. *cuts my eyes at Frankie*

Kasey: Oop *looks directly at Frankie*

Frankie: They want me to be married so bad chile it’s unbelievable. Listen, I am not the biggest fan of marriage, not because of my family *touches Courtney* but because I don’t think my relationship with Ryan could withstand that. Nobody has sent me stuff about my man, and I’m good with that. But a title doesn’t define my love. It’s unconditional even though he and I just had a little spat the other night, but you’ll have to watch and see that.

Kasey: Courtney, let’s jump to you sweetie! First off, condolences to you and your family, Courtney, on the passing of your grandma Hattie. This season, your cousin Christina joined the cast on Family Hustle. What can you tease about her this season?

Courtney: Thank you for the love, baby. And uhh, Christina is very high strong *laughs* have you ever watched flava of love? She’s still that girl, just more mature and sophisticated.

Kasey: Ooooh, now that’s a tease doll! I’m excited to see more of her this season. Okay, so Frankie, when you, Tre, and Ryan visited Ueno Park, you three had a deep conversation about Ryan’s baby mama, Mac Slaughter. From that scene, it seems as though Mac said something on Twitter about Ryan using a substance. Will this matter be discussed throughout the season, or was it something you three discussed and it was never brought up again?

Frankie: It’s funny that you bring that up because that situation gets discussed and confronted by the three of us separately with Mac, but only one of those conversations goes WAY too far, but that’s NOT even touching upon what has been done in the later half of the season. Oh boy, is it a doozy.

Kasey: *widens eyes* Hmm, that’s interesting, Frankie! I cannot wait to see it play out in the second half of S2!

Frankie: The second half completely obliterates the first half.

Courtney: Definitely

Frankie: It’s wild how the dynamic is changing in a good way though. We still have some things to iron out, but we’re still family.

Kasey: OH. MY. GOODNESS. *covers mouth with hands* Courtney, in the scene with your cousin Christina, you claim that Elijah didn’t call you to express his condolences. However, when Mike and Tre meet up with Elijah in the final scene of the episode, he claims, and I quote, “Absolutely I sent her flowers and I called her and the kids.” This was something which got me confused, so did he or didn’t he contact you?

Courtney: *nods head* well umm let’s just say this… *scratches my nose* Sometimes people will lie to create an image for themselves. We’ll see later in the season, the real Dr. Elijah Graham. And baby, it ain’t pretty. *smiles and looks into the camera*

The live audience Ooohs and ahhs

Kasey: Wow, *makes face* now that’s a tease sweetie

Frankie: The mask wears two faces, but in his case it might be three.

Kasey: *covers mouth with cue cards*

Courtney: Yeah, I hate that this even has to happen because I have two little girls. I don’t want them to see their father and mother fighting and arguing. It’s unfortunate.

Kasey: It absolutely is!

Frankie: Let me say this, Kasey.

Kasey gestures with her hand she can speak

Frankie: Courtney is my little sister and I have taken her under my wing, sorta in a way, and I would never steer her wrong or give her bad advice, but when I’m wrong, I’m wrong and I expect her to cuss me out with her good mac and cheese. But Elijah took advantage of a young impressionable girl that didn’t have her independence and now that she has, he doesn’t fit in that scenario anymore. Plus, you get tired of men being men, and it’s not conducive to the path Courtney is on. I love her and never want her to be hurt. I know I messed up by not reaching out immediately, but unlike some other family members, I know how to fight and recover.

Kasey: This really demonstrates *points to both women* how close you are and how SPECIAL your bond is! *tears fall from my face and I wipe them with a tissue*

Frankie: For sure, I can admit I was hurt about some things in Jamaica, but that’s never a reason to leave your sister to the side unless she has mac and cheese, *smiling* but she deserves to be happy, respected, and supported, period.

Courtney: You’re making me cry, girl. *wipes tears* I’m so grateful and thankful for my sister. The whole family, but this girl is my sister in real life. And I can make a mean Mac and cheese.

Frankie: Yes, she can! I told her to open up a food truck because, omg, Courtney uses bacon bits and the flavour plus the cheesy goodness is amazing! My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Kasey: Now, how do you feel about the scene when Elijah’s mother called you “child” and said, “that’s what you get fooling with them young girls’, Courtney? His mother also mentioned a woman’s name, “Carlette.” It seems Mama Graham wanted Elijah to be with her rather than with you. I’m sure re-watching that scene heightened your feelings about what she said. What’s your response?

Courtney: Mama G has always been in our business. which was another reason our marriage had begun to get strained. I don’t pay her any mind, though. That’s exactly why the son is the way he is.

Kasey: Do you see yourself, Courtney, finding love again and maybe walking down the aisle another time? *looks at Courtney*

Frankie: *looks at Courtney*

Courtney: Uhh right now, I’m having fun and enjoying my daughters. Maybe in the future. I’m not certain. *shrugs shoulders and smile*

Kasey: Well, that’s understandable, Courtney! As they say, love finds you when you least expect it. *shrugs shoulders and smiles* Moving on, Frankie, when you were in Ueno Park in that specific scene, you said, “but as your girlfriend.” Are you guys putting a label on your relationship? Can you exclusively say that you’re together now?

Courtney: I believe she’s scared. *turns to face Frankie*

Frankie: I would say yeah. It’s interesting because the girlfriend title is my max out. I just don’t value marriage like my friends and family. But I can say we were exclusively together, but *sighs* I know it’ll be a topic of discussion, but Ryan and I broke up because of a situation that happened after a situation, but you’ll have to wait and see in the second half of the season.

Kasey: Your prince charming will one day come, I’m sure, sweetie!

Frankie: It was a mutual thing and yes, I still love him. I would hope at some point that we’ll reconnect, but we both just need some time apart. I’m optimistic and open about it.

Kasey: I’m sure, Frankie! *smiles* Ladies, the season 2 premiere episode was AMAZING! What can we expect from the rest of Season 2 of Family Hustle?

Frankie: Expect the unexpected! Just when you think the family has ducks in a row, something comes along and divides the ducks up.

The audience oohs and ahhhs

Frankie: Y’all might not have any edges after this season, or it just might snatch the rest of ‘em.

Courtney: And expect real family drama. We aren’t just fighting just to fight. This is a real, raw and relatable drama. It’s amazing.

Kasey: Ooh, now that’s interesting… Is there anything else you’d like to say, ladies? *looks at Frankie and Courtney*

Courtney: Just continue watching! It’s amazing. *smiles at the camera*

Frankie: I hope we can continue to entertain you all as the season progresses, and for all my marijuana girls and guys here today, you can come to my CuraLeaf dispensary and get two free choices of marijuana for free, and if you buy a third, you’ll get that half off. *smiling*

Kasey: Well, thank you so much, Frankie and Courtney, for being here with us today. It was a pleasure to have you on! Every Tuesday at 8/7C, watch Family Hustle on the AndyNetwork! Thank you so much for joining us today, dolls; see you all next time!

As the camera zooms out of the studio, Courtney, Frankie, and Kasey take a selfie to commemorate the occasion



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