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Getting The Real Tea
10 min readJul 4, 2022


The cameras descend onto the ‘Getting Real Tea’ studio, as Kasey walks down the steps; the audience cheers for her

As she moves to go sit, Kasey waves to the live audience before sitting down on the chair

Kasey: Hello there, everyone! *smiles and tucks a strand of hair behind her ear* and welcome back to another episode of Getting Real Tea!

The cameras show a montage of the live audience cheering before the camera cuts back to Kasey

Kasey: It’s great to be back with you all today once again! Let’s get started, shall we? *smiles* We finally got the announcement about the launch of the Ladies of Twitter spinoff Legends of Twitter last Friday. And boy *makes face* what a fantastic announcement it was! Let’s take a look at the poster with the cast for Season 1 of Legends of Twitter!

A poster for Legends of Twitter Season 1 with the cast is shown on the screen. The audience cheers with excitement as it is pops up on the screen

Legends of Twitter Season 1 poster

Kasey: It is so visually stunning! I know, right? All of the women look absolutely stunning and gorgeous! According to the tweet that the account put out, it reads: ‘These 8 Legends from @LadiesOfTwitt travel across Europe on an exclusive girls trip unlike anything you’ve ever seen! Trust us, it’s legendary… Catch the Series Premiere on July 28'. The cast for season 1 of Legends of Twitter is as follows: Luciana Donatella, Dr. Devyn King, Grace Whitworth, Billie Reed, Erica Ka’Oir-Dalio, Jac Carter, Tre Spice-Slovain, and lastly, Brian Social.

Kasey: I personally think that this cast is GOLDEN! We’ve got old and new faces who have been part of Ladies of Twitter. I can honestly say that these LADIES will bring us ALL the drama and MUCH MORE to our screens! *winks at the audience* I can’t wait for the season one premiere on July 28th! For more info and updates about the Legends of Twitter, follow them on Twitter @LegendsofTwitt!

The live audience loudly cheers

The poster of Season 5 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Beach is shown on screen

Kasey: Moving on, another personal favourite RP show of mine is The Real Housewives of Beverly Beach! They have recently wrapped up Season 5 & the cameras are back in full swing, filming their sixth season as we speak! It seems that ONLY FOUR OUT of the Eight ‘Wives’ featured in Season 5 have been asked back for Season 6! We know that Gemma Li didn’t show up to the reunion special, which makes her OUT! Jenisa Azizi announced that she’ll not return, Imani Grimaldi also announced at the reunion that she’ll not return for Season 6!

Jenisa Azizi and Imani Grimaldi’s tweets that they posted on Twitter are put up on Screen

Jenisa’s post (Left) & Imani’s post (Right)

Kasey: This leaves Sheridan Campbell, Grace Faroe, Lorelei Sullivan, Mona Quinn, and Ren Nichols-Rose back for season 6! However, according to my Twitter expertise, I’ve got a feeling that we might be seeing 2 NEWBIES on Season 6. These ladies are Bree Bailey and Monsé DeRosier. As of yet, there is no information on what capacity both ladies will or might have! Now, I’d like to make it clear that this is just my GUT INSTICT at the moment. The production has yet to issue an official confirmation!

Bree Bailey (Left) and Monsé DeRosier (Right)

Kasey: The OG Yvonne J. Langley of Beverly Beach also made a comeback on Twitter on June 7th when she posted a picture of her home! Could this mean that she will be returning to the Real Housewives of Beverly Beach for Season 6? Hmm… now that’s interesting and a coincidence, don’t you think? Well, that’s all the tea I’ve got on Beverly Beach as of right now. Follow them on Twitter @RHOBeverlyBeach for more updates. *smiles and flips her hair*

Yvonne J. Langley’s post is shown on screen

Kasey: Next up is Twitter’s first own family-oriented show, Family Hustle! This show is really good and entertaining to watch! I mean, I was hooked on the first episode of Season 1. Basically, this show revolves around Dr. Frankie and Courtney’s family *pauses* and let me tell you, they absolutely have DRAMA!

The poster for Season 2 of Family Hustle is shown on the screen

Kasey: Let me begin by saying that this poster for season 2 looks absolutely STUNNING and AMAZING! All of them look CHIC and they SERVED US with this bombshell of a POSTER. This season, we have the returning cast members of season 1 but will be introducing 2 new cast members, and they are Mac Slaughter and Christina J. Philliphs. I’m sure both ladies will bring on the HEAT THIS SEASON! Season 1 of Family Hustle had so many great moments which I personally enjoyed. It had laughter, drama, and wholehearted moments you would want in a reality show! Catch the season 2 premiere of Family Hustle on the Andy Network Tuesday 5th July at 8/7C! Don’t go anywhere! Next up, we’ve got LoT’s and Legends of Twitter reality star Jac Carter up next on Getting Real Tea!

The camera zooms out of the studio for a few minutes

After, the camera focuses back on the studio where Kasey is sitting on her chair

Kasey: And we are back! *smiles* Please give a warm welcome all the way from Twitter to Jac Carter!

The camera descends on a blonde woman, to be revealed as Jac Carter, coming down the steps

The live audience cheer for Jac as he walks up to Kasey

Kasey (Host on the left) & Jac Carter (Guest on the right)

Jac: *gets up and gives kasey a kiss on the cheek* Hi Lovey! It’s so nice to be here! Can I just say, you are doing a fab job taking over for the iconic Amy!

Kasey:*Jac gives Kasey a hug and a kiss on the cheek* Thank you so much! *Smiles and flips her hair* We are excited that you will be back on our screens soon.

Jac: Oh sweetheart, thank you. It was definitely a big decision to come back, but when they told me it was a Legends season, how could I say no?!

Kasey: Absolutely, sweetie! *smirks* So, Jac where have you been, sweetie? It’s been sometime since we last saw you on our screens. How’s life been treating you?

Jac: *laughs* Last you saw me, I announced my pregnancy at the season 11 reunion, and then I decided it was time I stepped aside. I felt a change in the winds and I really wanted to focus on motherhood and my writing. I’ve written another New York Times Best Seller, become a devoted wife and loving mother, and for me, that’s been so rewarding. I’m not like some of these other girls who kind of cling to the spotlight with all their might. When I know it’s time to leave, I bow out gracefully.

Kasey: I…. oop *makes face*

The live audience Ooohs and ahhhs

Jac:*turns to the audience* You guys know who I’m talking about *laughs*

Kasey: Oop! Well this Friday it was announced that you were joining Legends of Twitter Season 1. Congratulations, by the way, *smiles*. Were you hesitant to see reality TV return, or were you looking forward to it?

Jac: Thank you so much! *blows a kiss to the cheering audience* Honestly, I was a little frightened. It had been so long for me since I was in front of the cameras, but I was also excited about being one of the Legends. Was I a little surprised by who they cast? Absolutely. Do I think they were all at my level or calibre of legendariness? Absolutely not, but it was definitely an amazing experience and I truly think you’ll all love, love, love it.

Kasey: Ooooh, that sounds like a tease, Jac! *looks at Jac with intrigue* What can we expect from the first season of Legends of Twitter?

Jac: Honestly, a lot of drama!!! Like right off the bat, the girls are going at it, but then again, it’s also so funny. I think seeing the different personalities interact will be so interesting to the viewers. We will also spill a lot of behind-the-scenes tidbits about the show, which will be amazing. The cast all really go there.

Kasey: Wow, I’m really looking forward to tuning in this season! During filming, was there something that surprised you the most?

Jac: There’s one moment with Luciana that really catches me off guard. Let’s just say, things go south very quickly between her and a few of the girls. It was absolutely shocking. In 11 seasons of being apart from this franchise, I’ve never experienced what she did.

Kasey: Well, it will surely be interesting to see it play out on the show! Throughout filming, did you bond with anyone, which surprised you the most?

Jac: I actually really got along with Grace! I heard about her messiness from some of the other ladies, but we really got along well. She’s a sweet lady who is kind of misunderstood. I think what will be more interesting, is seeing who I don’t get along with *laughs*

Kasey: I do feel that Grace is misunderstood at times, but sweetie, *snaps fingers* she does bring the drama! *smiles* I cannot wait to see more of her on Legends of Twitter!

Jac: Oh, she gets caught up in the drama, honey. She’s a character, definitely.

Kasey: OH. MY. GOD. She’s really a good fit for reality TV. I feel like she can be funny, messy, and have heartfelt moments with her too! Moving on, you are one of the eight finalists for the Hall of Fame? How do you feel that the viewers in the RP community voted for you?

Jac: I am!! Honestly, it was so heart-warming. When I started with Ladies of Twitter back in season 3, I wasn’t even supposed to be a full-time cast member. I kind of fell into being a full time lady and I never thought that 5 years later, the role-play community would have exploded like it has. Back then, there were 3 shows. Now there are so many more. There are so many amazing platforms for people who love reality TV. To express that and to be recognised by my peers for my contribution is truly a blessing. I can’t wait to see what happens with the actual induction, but to have made it this far is so wonderful.

Kasey: Well, let me say this from the viewers *points at live audience* and myself: we wish you all the best of luck for the induction that’s to come, Jac! You and all the other finalists should be proud *smiles*

Jac: Thank you so much! And to those who voted for me, I send you all so much love, love, love!!

Kasey: Now, I’d like to jump onto another topic, which is the Ladies of Twitter. I have to ask, would you ever consider returning to the show?

Jac: Oh wow, look I think doing a regular season wouldn’t really work for me anymore. I’ve moved out of Twitter. I still have an apartment in the heart of the city, but I’m raising my family out in Twitter Valley. I also think a regular season is way too intense for me. I would definitely be open to doing another season of Legends, but as for Ladies, I don’t see myself coming back. Never say never, though.

Kasey: Oh, I see! Would you come back as a ‘Friend Of’ maybe on Ladies of Twitter? It would be easier since you would pop in and out.

Jac: Maybe as a friend but then again you know these girls are. When you’re a friend they always remind you that you’re a friend. Even though my cheque would probably be double theirs *laughs*

The live audience ooohs and ahhhs

Kasey: Wow okay! I mean, there’s some hope then. *widens eyes*

Jac: *laughs* Sorry but I’m an icon. The producers would die for me to come back. *laughs* I’d expect 7 figures.

Kasey: Definitely, I agree with you on that ! Is there anything you’d like to say to the audience that is here today?

Jac: All I’d like to say is that you NEED to tune into LEGENDS! I’m telling you, it’s one of the best shows that role play has ever seen and I think there will be many more seasons.

Kasey: Well, Jac, rest assured that I’ll be tuning in! Thanks again for joining me today on Getting Real Tea! Don’t forget to tune in on July 28th to see Jac Carter and the other Legendary Women in their first season!

Jac: Thank you having me love!!!

Kasey: It was my pleasure, Jac! See you all in the next episode! *Waves to the audience*

As the camera zooms out of the studio, Jac and Kasey take a selfie to commemorate the occasion

Don’t forget to catch the Season 2 Premiere episode of Family Hustle TUESDAY at 8/7C only on the Andy Network! You surely don’t want to miss another unmissable season!



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