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The cameras descend onto the ‘Getting Real Tea studio’ as Kasey walks down the steps; the audience cheers for her

As she moves to go sit, Kasey waves to the live audience in the studio before sitting down on the chair

Kasey: *takes a minute to take all this in* Hi guys, wow… the day has finally come *takes a deep breath* and welcome back to Getting Real Tea! I’m so excited to be here with you all today!

Camera zooms in on the live audience cheering

Kasey: Today is my first official day as the new host of this talk show. I’m so honoured to be taking over from the legendary Amy Lopez, who initially started this show back in March 2021. But, now that I am here, let the fun officially begin, sweetie *smiles and flips hair*. As you all know, in these past couple of months, there have been so many role-play shows airing their seasons, such as RHOBB, CTWives, RHOWindsor, M2MTWitter, Society Wives, Ladies of Twitter, Family Hustle and a plethora of other shows…

Kasey: I’ve been trying to keep up and not miss out on all the fun that the ladies bring to our screens. A couple of weeks ago, Society Wives returned with its second season. And let me say that the first few episodes have been nothing but short on drama… She’s the Countess of Chelsea and a fashionista… Please welcome Countess Sian, from Society Wives!

A spotlight is shown on Countess Sian as she emerges and walks down the steps slowly; the audience cheers with excitement for Sian before making her way to Kasey, who is sitting down

Kasey Mitchell (Host) & Countess Sian (Guest)

Sian: *Countess Sian gives Kasey a hug* It’s so nice to meet you! *smiles and sits down*

Kasey: *Hugs Countess Sian* Wow, *looks up and down* so stunning! Green really suits you *smiles* It’s my pleasure to have you on today! First off, how are you doing, Countess Sian?

Sian: *smiles* I’m doing very well, Kacey. Thank you so much for inviting me today!

Kasey: My pleasure, Sian! That’s great to hear. *smiles* So, *reads from cue cards* You are back for your second season as a full-time wife on Society Wives, Countess Sian. How does it feel to be back on TV? What can people expect from you this season?

Sian: *sighs* It feels amazing to be back, honestly. *reads from cue cards* Last season was a bit of a tough season for me personally, and I think we were all finding our bearings in terms of being on TV. This season felt slightly smoother, but there was still plenty of drama. Everyone was engaged, trust me on that.

Kasey: Oh, that’s true! *reads from cue cards* We are 3 episodes in and there’s so much drama… that’s reality TV at its best. Currently, season 2 of Society Wives is airing. Have you had any feelings resurface as the episodes have played out since you filmed them months ago?

Sian: *nods* Oh, of course. My feelings now are the exact same as when we were filming. Emotions were definitely heightened amongst the group for several reasons, one of them being Tracy’s divorce and everything else associated with that, but there were other factors too.

Kasey: Oh, I see! *covers mouth*

The live audience in the studio Ooohs and Ahhhs

Kasey: * flips next cue card* Moving on, Sian, to last season’s reunion and to the start of season 2, as a viewer, I’ve noticed that the group dynamics have changed a bit. During the course of filming season 2, was there anything, it could be a friendship between the ladies, which let’s say shocked you, or maybe you saw something suspicious?

Sian: *sighs* There was, indeed. I love Miranda and she’s one of my closest friends, but her and Tracy’s union felt very calculated to me, particularly on Tracy’s part. In terms of the rest of the group, there were some unexpected curveballs in terms of dynamics later on in the season, but you’ll have to wait and watch to find out more. *smiles*

Kasey: Oh, my dear! I’m really looking forward to seeing all the drama unfold in the upcoming episodes.

The live audience in the studio Ooohs

Kasey: *reads cue card* This season we saw a new wife on Society Wives join the group, which was Sharon Carmichael, who was introduced to the group by Priya's. What was your first reaction when you first met her during Priya’s award ceremony? Did your opinion of Sharon change or stay the same throughout the rest of filming season 2 of Society Wives?

Sian: *laughs* I love Sharon! She was definitely a great addition to our group. I’ve known her socially for a few years and, of course, through Priya. You’ll actually see us spend some time together away from the group this season in order to get to know each other. Sharon is a straight-shooter, I’ll say that! *laughs*

Kasey: I did notice that from the first episode of Society Wives. I absolutely love women who tell you how it is, and she doesn’t beat around the bush *smirks*

Sian: *nods in agreement* Absolutely. You’ll see that some people in the group don’t like that, but I think it’s an admirable trait in someone.

Kasey: *Checks cue cards* This question came from a Twitter fan of the show. Hey Sian! I adore you on Society Wives, and I think this season is great. Society Wives’ Season 2 episodes have only been airing for a few episodes, but every one of them ends on a cliffhanger. How would you sum up the remaining episodes of Society Wives Season 2 in three words?

Sian: *sighs* Wow, let me think… Dramatic, emotional, and… explosive.

Kasey: Wow, Sian, those are some strong words to use to sum up the rest of season 2! I’m much more excited about what’s coming in the reminder of the season! Now, this concern relates to Tracy’s marriage. In episode two of Society Wives, you dropped a hint that you knew something about Tracy’s marriage. But throughout the program last Sunday, you remained quiet about what you really know. However, it was revealed at the end of episode 3 that Tracy had divorced her husband, Edward Granger, 2 days later because he had been the subject of multiple accusations of sexual assault against female students and other people. During the reunion, did you keep this information a secret even though you knew about it from the previous season? Or did you learn about this knowledge before season 2 began?

Dramatic music plays in the background as Kasey continues to read from her cue cards

Kasey: Furthermore, why didn’t you say anything when you revealed to the group on tape during the Milan trip that you knew something about Tracy’s marriage? Didn’t you feel the potential to make her seem bad on national television and harm her family with that knowledge you may have said?

Dramatic music continues to play in the background but slowly starts to decrease as Countess Sian takes a few minutes to think

Sian:*sighs* I’m just going to clear this up… my intention is to never hurt Tracy’s family. She’s a mother, like me, and anything done by me is out of concern. I’m not going to ruin the rest of the season, but this conversation does come up several times about me knowing something, which is something I’m not prepared to speak on and I have been advised not to speak on. *crosses legs*

The live audience Ooohs and Ahhhs

The camera zooms in on Kasey

Kasey: Well, folks, the situation between Tracy and Countess Sian will be further discussed throughout season 2 of Society Wives, and we just have to keep tuning in to see how it will play out! *smiles* Have you been sent a cease and desist by Tracy for you to not speak about the situation? *glances over at Sian*

Sian: *sighs* No, I have not, but there is an ongoing investigation and I have had several meetings with my family lawyer, who has given me advice, telling me not to speak about anything I may or may not know.

Kasey: Oh okay, well that’s understandable, Sian. So, even though the season has just started to air and the reunion will be filmed in a couple of months, who do you think will be in the hot seat at this reunion? *glances at Sian*

Sian: *laughs* Well, I definitely think Tracy will be… but maybe me too? I’m always in the hot seat it seems, Kasey! *laughs*

Kasey: Well, that’s true, Sian! *winks* I think that Tracy will most definitely be in the hot seat for this upcoming reunion. Who knows, maybe some of the other ladies will also be… we need to see how the rest of the season plays out.

Sian: *nods in agreement* Yes, we do! There’s lots more to come from everyone…

The live audience in the studio Ooohs and Aaahs

Kasey: I’m really looking forward to seeing what’s in store for this season of Society Wives! You *points at Sian* and the other ladies will surely bring the drama, and that’s my kind of show *giggles*. Is there anything you’d like to say to the viewers, Sian? *glances at Sian*

Sian: *smiles* I’d just like to thank them all for their support, honestly. We feel so blessed to be able to showcase the culture of the UK and our society on TV. The support is overwhelming but means a lot.

Kasey: Well, I’d like to start off by saying thank you to Countess Sian for being here today with us and travelling from Chelsea to be here with us for our first episode of season 2! I cannot wait to see what’s in store for the rest of season 2 of Society Wives. I just want to say thank you to all of you *looking and embracing in the studio* for being here with me, and I’m really looking forward to this journey on Getting Real Tea as the new host. Till next time, sweetie!

The live audience in the studio get up and clap

Sian: *claps and smiles*

The camera zooms out of the studio of ‘Getting Real Tea’ as Kasey and Countess Sian strut out of the studio

Be on the look out THIS FRIDAY as something LEGENDARY IS COMING OUR WAY! *wink*



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