[S2 Ep 2] : Getting Real Tea with Margaux Harkness & Linda Murray

Getting The Real Tea
10 min readApr 20, 2022


Voice-over: It’s Getting Real Tea with your host Amy Lopez!

As the music begins to play a production manager counts down in 5,4,3,2,1…

The camera pans on to Amy as she is seen coming out onto set….

Amy: *Starts going down the stairs, turns, and sit down on the chair*

The audience claps and cheers with excitement

Amy: Hey you guys *smiles and tucks a piece of hair behind ear* and welcome back to another episode of Getting Real Tea. As you know it’s April and last Friday the trailer for the third season of Connecticut Wives was released! And let me tell you that production has really been doing an impeccable job since season 1. The trailer showcased bits and pieces of the drama that will unfold as the season progress made me really looking forward to the new season. I think I watched the trailer last week, a number of times. I have a feeling that season 3 will for sure be toping over season 2! You can quote me on that! *winks at the camera*. So, today I’ve got a special surprise for y’all .

The audience oohs with suspense

Amy: Please welcome the OG’s of Connecticut Wives all the way from Greenwich Margaux Harkness & Linda Murray!

Amy Lopez (Host) & Margaux Harkness (Connecticut Wives star) & Linda Murray (Connecticut Wives star)

Pop music plays as Margaux Harkness & Linda Murray walk down the stairs

Margaux: *Margaux walks in with Linda, smiling and waiving to the audience*

Linda: *Walks out and waves* Hello, hello!

Margaux: *smiles* Amy, darling!

Amy: Hi Margaux, you look so stunning in that red dress!

Linda: Amy! *hugs* So good to see you again!

Amy: Look at you Linda, *inspects Linda* you are gorgeous as ever!

Margaux & Linda sit next to each other whilst Amy sits on the opposite chair

Amy: First, of all thank you ladies for accepting my invitation and joining me today. So, lets start off how are you *looks at Margaux & Linda* doing after your sophomore season?

Margaux: *sighs* A lot has happened, darling. High and lows…

Linda: I’d say the same for myself, highs and lows!

Amy: Subsequently, season 3 is just around the corner. I mean we are literally 5 days away from the premiere episode of Connecticut Wives. The trailer for the third season came out last Friday and from the looks of it other people have commented and given their thoughts on Twitter. How are you ladies feeling about what’s to come on season 3 of Connecticut Wives?

Margaux: Mixed emotions, I’d say. This season was by far the toughest to film.

Linda: I agree. I feel like it’s going to be stressful watching all the drama back. This is the most drama we’ve had. EVER.

Amy: Oh, wow this is going to be a drama-filled season and people will be tuning in for sure. I am sorry to hear this, Margaux I can’t imagine you reliving it all over again months later after filming season 3. I do have to ask you this, Margaux does it somewhat have to do with you and Hank’s divorce? A few weeks ago, Variety came out with an article saying that you filed for divorce from your husband, Henrik.

An image of the Variety article is shown on the screen

The Variety article

Margaux: *nods*It’s partly that, yes darling. However, this year the group felt very toxic. There was a lot of infighting so that combined made it tough.

Amy: I am really sorry that you had to go through, all of this whilst filming season 3. Linda, let’s jump onto you, you’ve got a new man in your life. Will the viewers be seeing your hubby on season 3 of Connecticut Wives? Has he adjusted to the lifestyle that you have in the sense of being famous and on a reality show like Connecticut Wives?

Linda: Yes, you’ll be seeing him on camera hopefully! We a filmed few times this season when he was in Greenwich. He works in New York and communes back and forth, so finding time to film was tough. I don’t think he’s adjusted the fame yet but he will!

Margaux: He adores her as well, you can really tell *smiles and pats Lind’s hand*

Amy: Well, I’m sure you’ll teach him the ropes, Linda about your lifestyle *giggles and flips hair*

Linda: *laughs*

Amy: So for season 3 we’ve got all 3 OG’s back plus last year’s newbies Adele & Irina with the new additions of Giovanna Laferriere & Tiara Campbell. What can you tease to us about Tiara & Giovanna?

Margaux: *nods* It was different, yes. I love Tiara & Giovanna, they definitely both bring it something to the group and I enjoy their company. Me and Giovanna have become very close in fact.

Linda: It didn’t feel that different to me since everyone from season 2 came back. I think the new girls added a lot more dynamic to our group. I also enjoy both of the new girls and they bring the drama.

Amy: From what you have described about the newbies Tiara and Giovanna I’m really intrigued to see their debut on the show. Moving on, what can you tease about yourselves this season?

Maragaux: You’re going to see a more vulnerable side to me, however I certainly haven’t lost my fight. You’ll definitely see some of the season 1 Margaux *giggles*

Linda: I’ll let Margaux start because she’s got a lot more going on then me *laughs*. She came in guns blazing Amy!

Amy: Oop *covers mouth* I see! *Winks*

Linda: And for me this season, I showcase the transition of my boyfriend to the rest of my family, and there are some tough conversations had.

Amy: Hmm.. well those conversations that you had *looks at Linda* I think might have gotten magnified since you’re on a reality show and filming with your children.

Linda: Oh they absolutely did, my family had lots of tough questions for my boyfriend. They didn’t hold back at all. And even if the cameras were there, these conversations would’ve still happened.

Amy: I can imagine, however I’m sure that slowly your children are easing themselves to the new life that you now living with your boyfriend. Wish you all the best, Linda *smiles*

Linda: They are and thank you! *smiles*

Amy: So now we’re going to play a game called ‘Truth or sip’. I’ll be asking you a bunch of questions and you’d either say they are the truth or else sip champagne *an individual comes out with 2 champagne glasses* as a way to plead the fifth. Are you ready ladies ? *Smiles*

Margaux: *takes a champagne flute* bring it on, darling!

Linda: How fun! I’m ready!

Amy: Let’s begin, ladies! *winks* So are Alexis & Keisha still going at each other throat this season? *Looks at both ladies*

Margaux: Not as much, no. You’ll have to watch and see…

Linda: They’re in a better place!

Amy: Okay, I’m surprised by your answer ladies! Who is the pot stirrer this season? *Smirks at both women*

Margaux: There’s no a specific person. I believe there’s two… Thickums. *sips drink*

Linda: I would say personally Keisha and at times Giovanna!

The audiences oohs

Linda: But Giovanna doesn’t stir the pot on purpose. Keisha does. Would you agree Margaux?

Margaux: 100%.

Amy: Well, it’s seems Keisha doesn’t learn her lesson season after season *shrugs shoulders* I mean am I right, ladies? *Looks closely at the ladies reactions*

Linda: You’re absolutely right! *laughs*

Margaux: *nods* You can’t fix stupid *shrugs shoulders*

Amy: Well, I feel she likes to stir the pot cause she would want more camera time. But that is just my opinion *put hands up*

Margaux: *nods* You’re absolutely right.

Amy: *flips hair*

Linda: *chuckles* You’re not wrong Amy!

Amy: I never am, Linda *says it in a sarcastic tone* Moving on, who do you think will need to answer more at the reunion when the time comes?

Linda: I think Keisha will have the most to answer for. She’s a mess.

Margaux: Probably me *laughs* But I’d say Keisha or maybe the gruesome twosome… There’s a list, darling.

Amy: Oooh, chile why did I have a feeling that you were going to say that, Linda *chuckles*. Who are you referring to “the gruesome twosome”, Margaux?

Camera pans over to Margaux

Maragaux: Well it’s not me, not Linda, not Adele and neither of the newbies… Figure that one out *sips and drinks*

Amy: It has to be either Keisha, Irina or Alexis? *Looks at Margaux* These are the 3 ladies you didn’t mention, Margaux

Margaux: Well Keisha manages perfectly on her own… *winks*

Amy: Hmm…*thinking face* interesting. Well, it’s either Alexis or Irina or else both?

Margaux: *shrugs* Gruesome twosome…

Amy: I’m thinking that it’s them then *sighs*. Who clashes most this season with either Tiara or else Giovanna?

Maragaux: Tiara and Giovanna both equally brought it. Tiara is a firecracker and Giovanna is a direct shooter.

Linda: I think the “Gruesome twosome” as Margaux calls them get the in the most drama with the new girls

Margaux: *nods* 100%

Amy: Okay, well now I can confirm my suspicions that ‘Gruseome twosome” are Irina & Alexis. A few days ago on Twitter I saw Alexis & Giovanna going back and forth so I think Alexis will clash with Giovanna. It’s evidently that Alexis clashes the most with the newbies. Like last year she clashed with Adele…

Margaux: Let’s just say we have a Vicki Gunvalson on our show *shrugs shoulders*

Linda: Some would say Alexis has a pattern clashing with newbies *laughs*

Amy: think that’s evidently Linda last year was Adele & this year I have a feeling it’s going to be Giovanna *thinking face* All I’m doing at the moment is speculating what I have seen on Twitter*winks*

Margaux: There’s a lot more to come on the show, don’t worry!

Linda: Yes, you’ve seen only a little of it on Twitter! There’s so much more!

Amy: *jumps up* I knew it! Well, I’m excited to see all the drama unfold on the next season of Connecticut Wives. Is there something that both of you *looks at Margaux & Linda* are afraid to see play out on the show?

Margaux: My divorce. That’s super rough. And also certain cast members talking about my children… disgusting.

Linda: I’m afraid everyone’s going to think we’re psychos! *laughs*

Amy: I think it should be a rule, THAT CHILDREN ARE OFF LIMITS!! Don’t you *looks at Margaux* think it should be?

Margaux: *nods* Absolutely.

Amy: Well, Andy *looks directly at the camera* this should be in their contracts before they sign to do the show *laughs*

Linda: You tell ‘em!

Amy: I will, Linda!! I’ll be the voice of reason for you ladies *laughs jokingly*

Linda: *laughs*

Amy: Okay, ladies is there anything you’d like to share with us as we close up today? *looks at Linda and Margaux*

Linda: I ask everyone to tune in and roots for the right team!

Margaux: Exactly. Choose the right team.

Amy: Absolutely!! I’ll be tuning in ladies that’s for sure! The right team always wins! *winks*

Camera pans on Amy

Amy: Well, I’d like to thank both Margaux & Linda who have come all the way from Greenwich. It’s been fun having you back in the studio. We cannot wait to tune in for season 3 of Connecticut Wives and see all the drama unfold on our screens.

Linda: Thanks for having us Amy!

Margaux: *smiles* Thank you having us!

Amy: It was my pleasure, ladies! Thanks for joining me for another episode y’all. Don’t forget to tune in on Monday, 25th April at 8/7C on the Andy Network. Alas, don’t forget to tune in on Saturday, 23rd April at 9pm CEST for an EXCLUSIVE Sit-down with Dixie Sutherland from The Real Housewives of Windsor were we discuss ALL THAT HAS BEEN GOING ON THIS SEASON! It’s an episode that y’all DO NOT WANNA MISS OUT ON! Till then, see ya on Saturday! *waves to the camera*

Camera pans out of the studio as Amy takes a selfie with Linda & Margaux

Voice-over: Don’t forget to tune in to Connecticut Wives Season 3 premiere on Monday 25th, April at 8/7c on the Andy Network!!! Y’all don’t want to miss this EPIC premiere event!!

Voice-over Alas, don’t forget to tune in on Saturday, 23rd April at 9pm CEST for an EXCLUSIVE Sit-Down with Dixie Sutherland from The Real Housewives of Windsor to discuss all that has been going on this season especially something that left viewers of the show SHOOK! It’s an episode that y’all do not wanna miss out on!!



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