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Getting The Real Tea
8 min readSep 5, 2022

The cameras descend onto the ‘Getting Real Tea’ studio, as Kasey walks down the steps; the audience cheers for her

As she moves to go sit, Kasey waves to the live audience before sitting down on the chair

Kasey: *smiles* Hey, dolls, and welcome back to another Getting Real Tea episode! How are you doin’?

The live audience respond back ‘How are you doin’

The cameras show a montage of the live audience cheering before the camera cuts back to Kasey

Kasey: Dolls, the day is finally here! It’s the season 2 finale… *smiles happily* Wow *adjusts herself*, it’s been a wonderful summer being here with you each week and bringing you all the gossip and tea on Twitter’s Role Play shows. These past couple of weeks have genuinely been a wonderful and joyful experience that I’m sure I’ll remember for the rest of my life since being part of the RP community.

The live audience cheers

Kasey: Let me start by thanking everyone who has been so supportive of my taking over from the legendary Amy Lopez. It was a huge step and a milestone for me, but based on the feedback I’ve had, I appear to be a success. I’d like to thank everyone on Twitter who has supported me since the announcement that I’ll be the show’s new host was released. I appreciate all of your support. In addition, I want to thank the producers and others who work tirelessly behind the scenes to offer you all of the entertainment you see on television. Without further ado, let’s get started…

The live audience clap all together

Kasey: Moving on to another of my favorite shows, Connecticut Wives, which is now filming its fourth season. However, according to my production source, filming ended last Wednesday night. Furthermore, the season is slated to begin at the end of September. Except for Marguax Harkness, the whole cast will return, according to my source. They did, however, tease that a blast from the past will make an appearance or two in the upcoming season. The million-dollar question is, who will appear as a blast from the past? *thinking expression*. Follow them on Twitter @CT_Wives to stay up to date with the latest news about what’s to come.

Sidney Carton, Lousie James, Melanie Morphe, Cleo McLaughlin, Nia Macintosh, and Alyssa Dillard-Durban, from left to right

Kasey: The Highrise Network announced a few months ago that they’ll be adding a new Housewives show to their network. After months of anticipation, they revealed the cast for season 1, which is as follows: Cleo McLaughlin, Nia Macintosh, Louise James, Sidney Canton, Melanie Morphe, and Alyssa Dillard-Durban. Moreover, the inaugural season is chock-full of dramatic highs and lows. You should not miss it. Finally, it was also revealed that The Real Housewives of Honolulu will be released sometime this year.

The live audience cheer with excitment

Kasey: Additionally, I’ve also heard from a source close to production that the ladies have started to film their confessionals for their upcoming first season of The Real Housewives of Honolulu… And without further ado, I’ve also been provided with an exclusive behind-the-scenes picture of Cleo McLaughlin, one of the housewife, in her confessional chair. Take a look…

Cleo McLaughlin green screen confessional chair

Kasey:I’m really excited to see what the ladies will be bringing to our screens once The Real Housewives of Honolulu starts to air their episodes. Every show on Twitter that I am currently watching makes me feel like we get to meet different women from all over the world, each with their own unique lifestyle and stories. It truly is magical for us as the viewers to feel connected to these women that we see on screen, as at the end of the day, whatever they might be going through, we can resonate with them. For more information, follow them on Twitter @HighriseRHOHHI to stay up to date on all their upcoming news! Don’t go anywhere! Next up, we’ve got Grace Faroe from The Real Housewives of Beverly Beach here with us today! *smiles*

After the brief commercial break, the camera zooms out of the studio

The camera then returns to the studio, where Kasey is sitting on her chair

Kasey: And we’re back, dolls! *smiles* Please give a warm welcome from Beverly Beach to Grace Faroe from The Real Housewives of Beverly Beach!

The camera and spotlight focus on a brunette walking down the stairs, who is revealed to be Grace Faroe

Kasey Mitchell (Host) and Grace Faroe (Guest), left to right

Grace walks out onto the stage, waving at the audience before giving Kasey a hug and sitting down

Grace: It’s so nice to see you!

Kasey: Welcome, Grace! It’s great to have you on today!

Grace: Great to be here *smiles*

Kasey: *smiles back* So, Grace you’ve been on the show for two seasons and are going into your third. What has since been a memorable Beverly Beach moment so far?

Grace: I’d say showcasing my brand in my first very season… that fashion show. I love sharing my brand with the world. My company is honestly one of my driving forces. *nods and smiles*

Kasey: *smiles and nods* Grace, your own spin-off, Faroe Rules, launched on the Sagittarius Network in August, and I’m sure people tuned in. Is there anything planned for Season 2 and beyond? What was it like filming Faroe Rules with your employees and showcasing your fashion company on the show?

Grace: *sighs* Wow, it was such an amazing opportunity to be able to showcase my company and my stuff. We filmed for about five weeks in the spring, and it was such a whirlwind. I knew when the SAG Network approached me with the offer, it was too good to pass up. Season 2… watch this space. *winks*

The live audience ooohs

Kasey: You had some tense relationships with the women on Beverly Beach throughout the seasons. What is your relationship at present with your co-stars?

Grace: *nods* Well, aside from a couple of people, I’m actually in a good place with the majority of the cast. Let’s just say the tables have turned and this time… I’m dancing on them! *laughs*

Kasey: Oh *makes face* interesting! We saw the addition of Mona Quinn to Beverly Beach in Season 5, and we saw the back and forth between you throughout the season. Is there any progress in having a friendship with Mona, or are you still at odds with each other?

Grace: I’d say I’m at peace with everything that happened with Mona. As you saw at the reunion, I apologized and owned my part. For all I know, Mona’s probably not feeling the same, but that’s not my problem. My conscience is clear. *shrugs shoulders*

Kasey: *nods* This summer, you and the ladies were filming the highly anticipated sixth season of Beverly Beach. What can you tease about the upcoming Season 6?

Grace: Drama. There’s lots of drama amongst the group. However, we’ve also really been having a good time. I’ve personally enjoyed being around most of the women this season, it feels like there’s no toxic energy like there’s been traces of in the past couple of seasons I’ve been on the show and yes, the reports are true… the glamour is definitely back in Beverly Beach. No cheap-ass events or Air BnB budget trips. *giggles*

Kasey: *smiles and giggles* According to TMZ, this season will feature a new housewife named Bree Bailey, as well as the return of season 1 OG Yvonne Langely. What can you tease for us about these ladies?

Grace: I love Yvonne; she’s really a great time. I’ve known her for a while, but we became so close this season. She’s amazing. Bree’s an interesting one. She’s definitely one to watch this season. *winks and nods*

Kasey: Oh, now that’s interesting! Is there anything that happened during the filming of the sixth season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Beach that surprised you the most?

Grace: I’d say some people went below the belt and others… their egos. I’m not going to say who though, you’ll have to watch and see. *smiles*

The live audience oohs and ahhs

Kasey: In the forthcoming season, a chunk of the season will be devoted to Sheridan Campbell’s restaurant scandal. What is your opinion on the whole restaurant scandal situation? Have the women been supportive of her predicament, or have they been quite the opposite?

Grace: I’d say it’s quite split. Some of us have supported her and others, not so much. Everyone’s definitely been vocal and honest about it, myself included. It’s a very difficult situation, one that’s been prominent throughout the entire season.

Kasey: I see… well, Grace before we wrap up the season, is there anything you’d like to share with us?

Grace: Just watch this season and expect… a lighter Faroe. *smiles* Haters will hate, but I’m all about the love this season.

Kasey: That’s great! I’ll definitely be tuning in! Thank you so much, Grace, for being here with us today. Well, dolls, this is our last episode of Season 2 *smiles*. Thank you all for tuning in this season. For now, toodles *blows a kiss to the audience*

Grace and Kasey take a selfie, and the camera zooms out of the studio to memorialize the moment

The Getting Real Tea production team wants to thank everyone who watched and supported this season! From the bottom of our hearts, we appreciate it. Thank you! Keep an eye out for a spectacular announcement coming soon that you won’t want to miss!



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