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Getting The Real Tea
10 min readAug 22, 2022

The cameras descend onto the ‘Getting Real Tea’ studio, as Kasey walks down the steps; the audience cheers for her

As she moves to go sit, Kasey waves to the live audience before sitting down on the chair

Kasey: *smiles* Hey, dolls, and welcome back to another Getting Real Tea episode! How are you doin’?

The live audience respond back ‘How are you doin’

The cameras show a montage of the live audience cheering before the camera cuts back to Kasey

The article of Page Six of Linda Murray and Jason Murphy nupitals is shown on screen

Kasey: As you all know, last weekend was Linda Murray and Jason Murphy’s wedding in Turks and Caicos. I was one of many other guests who were invited to their destination wedding, which was filmed for their upcoming fourth season of Connecticut Wives. So, you’ll be seeing me *points to self* for the very first time on a reality show. The destination for the wedding was super gorgeous, and I absolutely enjoyed myself meeting other notable roleplay reality stars from other shows. The guests are as follows: Pat Fireson, Dr. Frankie Neal, Courtney Porter, Tre Spice and her husband, Mike, Ryan Spice, Elizabeth Banks, Mona Quinn, Sheridan Campbell, Jocelyn D. Robinson, Ren Nichols-Rose, Elle Stonewood, and also the CTWives cast, which are Adele Gray, Giovanna Laferriere, Irina Lemel, and Tiara Campbell.

The live audience cheers

Kasey: I’d like to first off say a big congratulations to Linda Murray and Jason Murphy on their special occasion, that being their wedding. From the bottom of my heart, I would like to wish them both good wishes and a prosperous marriage. You too deserve each other, and I’m happy that you, Linda, found the right man who truly loves you. *flips hair* The cameras were rolling throughout the night, and I can say that all the footage of Linda and Jason’s wedding that was captured by production will probably be shown on Connecticut Wives next season. You are all in for a treat. So, baby, stay tuned!

The Faroe Rules cast photo is shown on screen

Kasey: Last weekend, I had some time to sit down and finally tune into the 5 episode season of Faroe Rules. This reality show is a spinoff from housewife Grace Faroe, who has been part of The Real Housewives of Bevely Beach for 2 seasons and will go into her third once Season 6 premieres. Grace Faroe owns a fashion company, and therefore, the series revolves around her employees. Getting into this series, I absolutely enjoyed seeing more of Grace and her fashion company in her spinoff on the Sagittarius Network. If you thought that there was no drama amongst her employees, think again. I mean, at the end of the day, it’s a reality show, and as an audience we like drama to unfold on our screen.

The live audience cheers

Kasey: Faroe Rules was only ordered for Season 1 by the Sagittarius Network, but I am hoping for a Season 2 shortly. Personally, I had a great time watching all 5 of Grace Faroe’s spin-off episodes and discovering the complexity of her employees’ working dynamics and relationships. In Grace’s spinoff, we were granted a full access to more of her job in addition to getting a fairly in-depth look into her fashion brand. This definitely gave the audience and myself behind-the-scenes look at Grace’s business.

The Society Wives cast photo is shown on screen

Kasey: Moving onto another show that the Sagittarius Network produces, which is Society Wives. A couple of weeks ago, Season 2 of Society Wives wrapped up with a 2-part reunion episode. We saw the ladies last sit down and rehash all the drama that went down in Season 2. Part 2 of the reunion concluded with confirmation that the show will return for Season 3 early in the fall. A couple of days ago, the network announced that filming on their 3rd season had officially started and on their Twitter account, they provided us with some shots. Take a look.

Images on the network’s account are shown on the screen

Kasey: The first photograph shows a cameraman filming a woman; the second features Lady Katherine Baker; and the third features the production team, who are seeing filming some sort of ceremony for the upcoming season. Additionally, we presently report that some new faces might be appearing in the upcoming season.

The featured cast and location are shown on the screen

Kasey: The women got together on Friday to film their first group event of Season 3 together, the network said on August 15. Sue Morell, Priya Carrington, and Lady Katherine Barker were three of the cast members who were spotted. All three have been on the show since its debut. According to sources, all seven of the full-time ladies were reportedly present for the event, which also featured a special musical performance, according to the source. Follow them on Twitter @TheSagNetwork for additional information and news regarding the upcoming third season.

The live audience cheers with excitment

Kasey: Don’t go anywhere! Next up, we’ve got Grace Whitworth from Ladies of Twitter and Legends of Twitter, to discuss all things related to the 2 shows.

After the brief commercial break, the camera zooms out of the studio and then back in

The camera then returns to the studio, where Kasey is sitting on her chair

Kasey: And we’re back, dolls! *smiles* Please give a warm welcome from Twitter to Grace Whitworth from Ladies of Twitter and Legends of Twitter.

The camera and spotlight focus on a blonde woman walking down the stairs, who is revealed to be Grace Whitworth

The live audience applauds and cheers as Grace Whitworth approaches Kasey

Kasey Mitchell (Host) and Grace Whitworth (Guest) (Left to Right)

Grace: Hello! Hello! *waves and hugs Kasey* Oh wow, you’re gorgeous girlie! Thank you for having me on today.

Kasey: Hello, Grace! It’s great to have you here today! *looks at Grace* Sure thing, doll!

Grace sits down on couch

Kasey: So, Grace you’re on the Ladies and Legends of Twitter. What made you join and be part of both reality shows?

Grace: I am! Well, Ladies came about at a tricky time in my personal life to be honest! I was going through some things and Luciana knew I would be a good fit and got me to audition and the rest is history! Legends was just a brilliant surprise too! I was the last one added to the cast, so I made a joke that I replaced someone.

The live audience cheers

Grace: Who knows! *winks*

Kasey: *nods* I see! Did you notice or feel any similarities or differences between seasons 13 and 14 of Ladies of Twitter and the filming of Legends of Twitter’s first season? Or was there absolutely no change at all for you, Grace?

Grace: Well, I certainly think Legends has been the best out of the three for me! It was filled with drama, of course, but the ladies there all came to celebrate Ladies of Twitter and its fifth year, and it was fun! My other two seasons on ladies were a bit more. It was difficult to film. Who knows, maybe next season, if I’m back, it’ll be better! My mouth gets me in trouble!

Kasey: Okay, I see your point. You had arguments with some of the cast members on Legends of Twitter, including Tre Spice and Billie Reed. What, in your opinion, caused the majority of your disagreements with Tre and Billie on the show? Would you say that you frequently get into conflict because of what you say?

Grace: I think I’m very unfiltered, which doesn’t suit my costars most of the time! I love Tre and was shocked to have any sort of disagreement with her. Jac and Devyn both told me that Billie is known for inserting herself into other people’s issues for camera time. But I’m working on understanding myself in these group scenarios and I hope that whatever comes next I’m better at explaining myself.

Kasey: I oop… *makes face* How would you sum up your overall experience shooting Season 1 of Legends of Twitter?

Grace: Refreshing! We had a LOT of fun Kasey! We laughed a lot

Kasey: I know, I’m really enjoying the episodes so far! I am so excited for the next two. Legends of Twitter has only released three episodes in its first season, and via Twitter it was announced that there would only be two more. What can you tease the audience regarding the upcoming release of the final two episodes?

Grace: Well, we shot for nine days and went to three different locations, then the final group event took place a few weeks later in Twitter. I believe you were there for the gala! Also, here’s a little teaser for you. We have something else coming up in a couple weeks, which we’re shooting all together *winks* But I can’t say anything else!

Kasey: Oh, yes, I did attend the gala! Such a wonderful night, that’s all I say. Oooh, now that’s a tease. *looks out at the audience* It could be a reunion episode…

Grace: Who knows who knows Kasey darling!

Kasey: So, we are nearing the end of the first season of Legends of Twitter. What has been something memorable that you filmed, and is there a moment that you might have either acted or handled the situation on the show differently?

Grace: I think the most memorable thing is the cast. Everyone on this cast brought it, brought the drama and the fun, and we all seemed to have bonded so much more than I think we thought going into this. I would definitely love to go back and be a bit more low-key with how I spoke about Luciana and I’s friendship, because she’s played me to be a fool, which I am certainly not, and then my issue with Tre. I don’t agree with what happened there.

Kasey: Since we’re on the topic of friends, your friendship with Luciana has been highlighted in both the previous two seasons of Ladies of Twitter and Legends of Twitter. Both when filming Ladies of Twitter and the first season of Legends, you appear to have struck a rough patch. Tell us about the current state of your friendship with her. Have you communicated with her in the last few months?

Grace: We don’t speak, and I don’t plan on it. I think it’s time we both had some time apart. I’ve done a lot for Luciana. And she needs to own her behaviour. That’s all I’ll say.

Kasey: Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. I think at times like this, spending some time apart could help one’s friendship. I do hope that will be your guys’ situation too.

Grace: Thank you Kasey I hope so too!

Kasey: The finale and reunion of Ladies of Twitter Season 14 took place a few months ago. Have you heard anything about whether the Ladies of Twitter will return for a fifteenth season? Who, in your opinion, shouldn’t go back, and would you want to go back for another round?

Grace: Well, you’ll see in the finale what is going to happen! Andy confirms some things that I think will change a lot. I can’t say anything about next season, I don’t even know if I’m on it! But I hope to be, I’ve got a lot more to say! And season 15, sounds iconic to me!

Kasey: Oh, wow. Grace! Well, we will just have to wait and see. Finally, Baller Wives’ Twitter reality star Calista Banks wants to know what would be your ultimate ladies’ cast if you had to choose from Season 1 of Legends?

Grace: Oh wow! I love the cast we have; perhaps add Tyler and Paul full-time, followed by Elle and Joshuaa!

Kasey: Oh, wow, that’s a great cast for Season 15! Grace, thank you so much for joining me today. I hope you had an amazing time tonight. Catch Grace and the other ladies on episode 4 of Legends of Twitter this Wednesday! And then, don’t miss the Season 1 finale the following Wednesday! See you on the next one, dolls.

Grace: Thank you so much! MWAH!

Grace and Kasey take a selfie as the camera zooms out of the studio to memorialize the moment.

Catch episode 4 of Legends of Twitter next Wednesday! And then, see how it will all goes down the following Wednesday with it’s Season 1 finale! Don’t forget to tune in, dolls!



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