S2 Ep 10: Getting Real Tea with Calista Banks

Getting The Real Tea
10 min readAug 17, 2022

The cameras descend onto the ‘Getting Real Tea’ studio, as Kasey walks down the steps; the audience cheers for her

As she moves to go sit, Kasey waves to the live audience before sitting down on the chair

Kasey: *smiles* Hey, dolls, and welcome back to another Getting Real Tea episode! How are you doin’?

The live audience respond back ‘How are you doin’

The cameras show a montage of the live audience cheering before the camera cuts back to Kasey

Kasey: So, it’s been a minute since you last saw me *flips hair*. After last week’s episode, I decided to take a mini-vacation to the Hamptons with some friends and spend some time together as we are in the summer holidays and we’re approaching the end of it soon. However, now I’m back in Twitter and ready to work for these last couple episodes of the season. The role-play community has expanded with some new shows such as Baller Wives Twitter from the Andy Network and Legends of Twitter from the producers of Ladies of Twitter.

The logos of Baller Wives Twitter and Legends of Twitter are shown on the big screen

Kasey: Let me just say that BOTH Baller Wives Twitter and Legends of Twitter are extremely well-produced, and the ladies will undoubtedly bring the drama to our screens! If you haven’t gotten the chance to tune in, I urge you to do so *looks out at the audience*. Personally, I cannot choose one or the other as my favourite show currently because both shows are unique and presented in their own way.

Kasey: From the Baller Wives Twitter cast, I can whole-heartedly say that the Andy Network did a fantastic job of searching for women with different backgrounds. This is since every woman on the cast brings something unique to the show, which the audience can resonate with and feel represented by. The ladies are surely working for their cheques as the drama is through the roof. The first 2 episodes of Baller Wives Twitter were so good as it gave the audience an overview on the ladies’ lives, families, and what their jobs are. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s to come on the rest of Season 1 of Baller Wives Twitter. Be sure to catch brand new episodes of Baller Wives Twitter on the Andy Network every Thursday at 8/7C!

The live audience cheers with excitement

Kasey: Moving on to the Legends of Twitter! Now, I’ve got to say that the producers of Ladies of Twitter did a phenomenal and great job of casting the ladies for their first season. They invited ladies who were on previous seasons and also on the last season of Ladies of Twitter. I can say I really like the concept that the producers came up with. These first 3 episodes were really entertaining and so much fun to watch. The women are surely bringing the drama and rehashing the drama from their past seasons, but one could notice that friendships and bonds are also being formed. I’m really looking forward to seeing the rest of Season 1 of Legends of Twitter. Every Wednesday, catch brand new episodes of Legends of Twitter! Here’s to hoping for more seasons to come! *flips hair*

The live audience cheers with excitement

Kasey: In other news, it seems as though Married to Medicine: Ultimate Getaway Season 1 has officially started filming! The destination for Season 1 of Ultimate Getaway is… Aruba. Some of the ladies have since posted on their Twitter, and these ladies are Jocelyn D. Robinson, Petra McClaire, Patricia Chahoy — Landry, and Dr. Tanya Love. Stay tuned for more updates with regards to Married to Medicine: Ultimate Getaway Season 1 and follow them on Twitter @UltimateTripRP for additional details. I’m looking forward to tuning in and seeing all the drama unfold on their first season of Ultimate Getaway.

Images of some of the ladies that they posted on their Twitter as shown on screen

Jocelyn D. Robinson, Petra McClaire, Patricia Chahoy — Landry (Left to Right)
Dr. Tanya Love

Kasey: Don’t go anywhere! Next up, we’ve got Calista Banks from Baller Wives Twitter, who has been the talk of town amongst the group of ladies in Twitter.

After the brief commercial break, the camera zooms out of the studio and then back in

The camera then returns to the studio, where Kasey is sitting on her chair

Kasey: And we’re back, dolls! *smiles* Please give a warm welcome from Twitter to Calista Banks from the Andy Network new show ‘Baller Wives Twitter’.

The camera and spotlight focus on a brunette walking down the stairs, who is revealed to be Calista Banks

The live audience applauds and cheers as Calista Banks approaches Kasey

Kasey Mitchell (Host) and Calista Banks (Guest) (Left to Right)

Calista: *claps with the audience* Hi Kasey!! I’m so happy to be here!! It feels great to be around people who love me. *laughs and blows kiss to audience*

Kasey: Welcome, Calista. It’s a pleasure to have you on today. How are you doing, doll? *smiles at Calista*

Calista: I’m doing very well! Right before I came on, I had a telemeeting with one of the agents from a team I’m working with this season. My job always keeps me busy. *laughs*

Kasey: You’re a hard-working woman, Calista, and it shows from watching Baller Wives Twitter. So, do you think you’ve made the right decision by joining the show?

Calista: Um, that’s kinda tricky to answer if I’m honest. I feel in some ways I did, but other times I question myself. This season, for me especially, was a lot. *laughs*

Kasey: *nods* And from what we have seen so far, it’s all about Calista, Calista from the first episode of the show. The ladies are surely talkative about you and *coughs* Jamal, your husband. I’ll get to that later on *shuffles on seat*.

Calista: Oh yes! They’ve all had a lot to say about my husband. Isn’t that interesting? *laughs and looks*

Kasey: They sure had! Especially Brittany *flips hair and chuckles*. John from Windsor wants to know how you would describe filming your first season of Baller Wives Twitter?

Calista: That’s a good question! Besides being a bit crazy, I would say it was very informative. For me, I already knew the sports community gossiped about me, but it’s different when your so-called friends gossip about you. I thought I came into this with friends, but it turns out they were actually snakes. I really did not expect to be ambushed when I signed on. *laughs*

The live audience gasps

Kasey: As a viewer of the show, it seemed that from the premiere episode, the ladies were just gossiping about you and your marriage to Jamal. However, as you said, when your so-called friends are on the show, you don’t expect them to do what they are doing to you, Calista. But then again, when one is filming a reality show and people tend to do certain things just to get more camera time, sweetie *shrugs shoulders*

Calista: Exactly, although I’m glad they gave me more attention! *laughs* Go Twitter Titians!

Kasey: *Chuckles* Yeah, more people would know about Calista Banks! Moving onto you and Brittany’s lunch in episode 1. What was your reaction to Brittany asking you at your lunch if you and your husband, Jamal, had an arrangement of some kind? Do you believe she was just looking for a way to stir up drama?

Calista: She could’ve asked me prior to the cameras going up, but it showed how messy she was. I like Juniper a lot more than Brittany Slay. When Brittany got married, I thought she would’ve left that persona behind, but if people know you as a messy trick, it’s kinda hard to drop the act.

Kasey: *covers mouth* The shade! *laughs as he looks at Calista* Adele from Scottsdale wants to know where you believe the rumour about your marriage being an arrangement originated. Do you believe it was either Brittany or Charlotte? Or do you believe Charlotte was the one who disclosed it to Brittany in order for her to circulate it around the ladies?

Calista: While I think Brittany was messy, at least she works, so it obviously came from Charlotte, who has nothing to do but sit on her ass all day. I actually never did anything to Charlotte, so it’s wild that she chose me, but then again, she always needs someone to elevate her.

Kasey: In episode one, you got a phone call from an executive when you were with Brittany having lunch. Can you open up about your relationship with Terrell Robinson? Is there any tension between him and your husband, Jamal Banks?

Calista: *chuckles* Terrell is a nice man. He is part-owner of The Twitter Celtx and that’s where we met… for business, of course! *laughs* He’s honestly been there for me while I was filming the show, and you’ll have to stay tuned to see what happens next. When it comes to Jamal, I think it’s fair to say he doesn’t like Terrell very much, but Terrell doesn’t care. He’s here for me and not Jamal.

Kasey: Oh, I see, Calista, so he was your backbone throughout the time you were filming. Your husband, Jamal, is a talked about topic this season on Baller Wives Twitter. What is the current status of your relationship with Jamal? Are you married or divorced?

Calista: I think that’ll be a better question for the other ladies since they know more about my life than I do. *laughs* I wish I had their numbers, but I don’t associate myself with Serenity. She would know for sure!

The live audience gasps

Kasey: Now, there is some tension between you and some of the ladies. Do you think your friendships with Charlotte, Joi, and Brittany can be saved, or do you see no way forward with them in the future?

Calista: I think there’s hope for Juniper and Joi. I would rather not be friends with Brittany Slay, but I really had a good friendship with Juniper, and I miss that. I think she’s great for Wyatt and she’s a good business woman. While Joi and I fell out over business, I’m not closed off to the idea of us being friendly. As for Charlotte, there’s no hope. She would need to get on her knees and kiss my NBA championship ring!

Kasey: I see what you mean. Well, maybe at the reunion you and the ladies can come to some sort of resolution with regards to the issues that you encountered. You’re a mother of four, and it’s important that you be upfront with them when you join a reality show. What have you told your kids about what will be on the Baller Wives Twitter this season?

Calista: I’m so glad you asked that, Kasey! I unfortunately did not have a choice in telling my children. That choice was made for me. Now that both of their parents are in the public eye, I had to tell them about the things that were said about me and their father. Luckily, they were all very understanding.

Kasey: I’m really sorry to hear that, Calista. . Going back to when you and Joi had a conversation about her company in episode 1, she was not pleased when you told her you’d be the head of her hair extension company. Do you believe Joi didn’t want you to be a part of her company at all or do you believe there was another underlying issue?

Calista: I believe it was a bit of both. I know she didn’t like how I challenged her as a boss… especially on camera, so that gave her a reason to not want me anymore.

Kasey: Oh, *makes face* What can you tease about the rest of the first season of Baller Wives Twitter?

Calista: Each episode gets better and better! Keep watching because we will definitely deliver!

Kasey: *nods* I will, of course, keep on tuning in this season! The show is absolutely amazing and I enjoy that you all bring something unique that the viewers can resonate with. As of yet, we don’t know if you will be having a reunion. But let’s say that you do. Who do you believe has a lot to answer for and would be in the hot seat?

Calista: I would say everyone has a lot to answer for! When I say it delivered, it delivered! *laughs*

The live audience cheer with excitment

Kasey: Okay, well, if a reunion episode is ordered by the Andy Network, I’ll be sure to tune in to see all the drama hashed out. Calista, we are nearing the end of the episode. Is there something you’d like to share with the audience?

Calista: Keep watching! We are a dynamic group of women who are willing to share it all! It’s something new and exciting that has Twitter talking! *laughs*

Kasey: It sure has! *smiles at her* Thank you, Calista, for joining us today! It was great having you on. You can catch Calista and the rest of the ladies on Baller Wives’ Twitter every Thursday night at 8/7C on the Andy Network! *smiles and waves to the camera* See you on the next one, dolls.

Calista and Kasey take a selfie as the camera zooms out of the studio to memorialize the moment.



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